Art based Articles


If you want more, check out the Family Gallery (same as the links above).

My Writer has also composed quite a few articles on his artistic experience. These are listed below with table of contents, when applicable.


Biography of an Accidental Artist: the ideas and history behind my abortive artistic output - including a mini analysis and mini views of my 15 painting.

Painting Statistics: the raw numbers behind the creations – (dates, sessions, & hours).

The Illusion of Substantiality utilizes the unusual graph at the right to illustrate several concepts. 1) Frequently the size of the yardstick determines Truth. 2) If the substantial is viewed closely enough it is filled with discontinuities and emptiness. & 3) Conversely if the minutiae is observed from a larger perspective patterns emerge – not absolute truths, just tendencies. 'The Ambiguous Notion of Self', 'Apparent Obstacles to Progress' as well as the ' Misleading Nature of Generalizations & Stereotypes' are all discussed from this subtle perspective.

A Graph-based Study of the Creative Process Painting Sessions (1973->2010)

The Appeal of Gunter Gerzo's Abstract Paintings is my latest addition to this subsite. This includes a discussion of the link between our perception of Reality and Beauty, which leads to the inherent Animism of my paintings and what this means.


Below is The Hiccup Man, one of my earlies oil sketches.