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The Human Connection Between Spirituality and Nature


A keen observer would notice humans disconnecting from nature, and becoming less spiritual in a vain attempt to please each other. The same observer, over time, would realize how distant humans have become from their own true happiness. Surely, the wise man knows that  humans are part of nature, and returning to it with a sense of spirituality is the one true path to happiness. Creatively combining spirituality with nature will lead humans toward happiness. Realizing the connection between spirituality, nature, and humankind is the beginning of a promising journey. Whether the path is writing, painting, relaxing in nature, or discovering an inner intellect, every human must choose a way to return to spirituality and nature.




Finding personal spirituality is not a group project. Each person must find their own spiritual path that feels right to him or her using his or her own creativity. This may be within a church setting, or it may be within the individual’s private beliefs. The connection to something more than ourselves happens within each of us in our own time, and must not be rushed. Meditating in a natural setting is among the best ways to gain spiritual understanding, as it provides a sense of serenity and concentration. The New York Times reports that green spaces help children perform better, as they are able to focus better on the tasks at hand. No matter where the spiritual journey leads a person, nature serves as the perfect beginning for meditation and decision making. Build a personal space within nature to help your own creativity and spirituality flow.




While nature loans to spirituality, spirituality also loans to nature. A spiritual person, whether within or without a church, will begin to appreciate the gift of nature over time. God, in the Christian religion, states that He gave all of nature to humans for personal enjoyment, if humans care for it. This basic statement is declared across many religions, and across many spiritual ideals. When a person finds his or her spiritual beliefs, he or she often finds a deeper appreciation for nature. As nature helps spur spirituality, spirituality also helps nurture nature. This is most evident in  creative works, such as paintings. Many depict beautiful scenery or the natural beauty of the human face. The spiritual works of artists reflects their deep connection with nature.


Spirituality and Nature Together


Many people use nature to communicate with their spirituality. Even when there are no forests nearby, people use greenery, indoor gardens, parks or indoor plants to gain a sense of nature. Some people use water and its cleansing attributes to merge spirituality with nature. As the natural water runs over soothing rocks, a person is able to concentrate on spiritual pursuits. Regular, committed interactions with nature help humans return to a deeper sense of spirituality.

Nature and spirituality belong together. They occur within and around each other. Finding the self, a higher meaning, and a personal path must involve these elements.


Resource: Reawakening Spirituality through Nature

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