Planetary Astrology for the New Millenium
Designed to Promote Awareness of our Planetary Neighbors

Lunar Transits & General Planetary Configurations

Check out the following Lunar Charts to see what the Moon is going through on a daily basis in her travels around the constantly changing Zodiac. Hope - despair - confidence - discouragement depending upon which Sign she is in. Wend your way through the landmines of our turbulent world. Take advantage of opportunity. Avoid misfortune. Practice the Tao by aligning yourself with our Celestial Neighbors.


Aquarius, Pisces, Aires, Taurus-> Feb 23>March 1, 2009

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius-> Feb 16>22, 2009

Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio -> Feb 9>15, 2009

Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo -> Feb 2>8, 2009


For a greater context check out the Outer Planetary Patterns for 2009.


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Ordering a Personal Chart

Of course the placement of the planets in your personal chart tempers these general planetary configurations. To better avoid the pitfalls of these difficult times it is necessary to see how your chart links up with the general. Because the Outer Planets move so slowly they determine the character of the year. To obtain an interpretation of the Outer Planetary Transits with respect to your Personal Astrology Chart for the next 6 months for a slight charge Email me to receive the link to your very own personalized webpage complete with a colored chart and a one page interpretation. (Of course this would be for your eyes only.) This link provides an example of what you would receive. Order now to see what the future has in store.