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1: Obedient Equations

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As Intellectual Rebel, Author pleased that his Equations are Disobedient.

Author discovers that his Life’s Work encompassed Disobedient Equations.

Providence provides the Author with his area of Mathematical Investigation.

Author imagines that Academia had encompassed his Mathematical Studies.

Obedient Equations are Well-founded & Regular

Scientific Endeavor devoted, almost exclusively, to Obedient Equations

Obedient Equations belong to set of Well-Founded Functions that don’t contain themselves.

Mathematical labels, ‘well-founded’ and ‘regular’, reveal Scientific Bias.

Scientists shun Disobedient Equations – non-well-founded Functions that aren’t Regular.

Container Logic enables Obedient Functions to provide Absolute Statements.

Set Theory based in Either/Or Reasoning of the Container Metaphor

A Prime Scientific Endeavor: putting all Phenomena into Container Boxes

To Box things up, Scientists must first identify Essence.

Essence is Permanent.

Mathematics determines Permanent Causal Relationships between Essences of Category Boxes

Mathematical Relationship between Essences: An Essence of Science?

Life Sciences don’t employ Mathematics to determine Permanent Relationships

Science Box expanded to include any endeavor that has rigorous procedure for determining Essence & Category

Under this expanded definition, both Soft and Hard Sciences participate in Container Metaphor of Set Theory.

Well-founded Functions of Set Theory & Traditional Logic based in Container Metaphor

Excluded Middle of Traditional Science includes Disobedient Equations

Either/Or Logic of the Excluded Middle

Fallacy of the Excluded Middle: Eliminates the Middle Ground

Refinement of category Boxes to eliminate the Middle

Traditional Scientific Perspective believes the Middle can be Excluded

This volume devoted to exploring the nature of Science’s Excluded Middle

Link: Why Matter is an ideal subject for the either/or Logic of Obedient Equations

1N. Life excited that her affinity with the Living Algorithm based in Disobedience

Life & Disobedient Equations, such as the Living Algorithm share a similar logic.

Obedient Matter & Disobedient Life have different types of Logic & Equations.

Life excited to finally have a voice that doesn't attempt to fit her in Matter's Logic Box.

Understanding material interactions doesn't assist Life to fulfill her potentials.

Living Algorithm & Life are disobedient because they don't adhere to Either-or Logic.

Either-or Logic perfect for unitary nature of Subatomics, the building blocks of Atomic World.

Either-or logic doesn't apply to Living systems due to self-reflective nature.

Is there any connection between Living Algorithm's info quanta and the info packets of the material world, Electrons and Photons?

To understand idea of disobedient equations must understand cognitive perspective.

4. The Conceptual Metaphor of Cognitive Science

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The Conceptual Metaphor of Abstract Thought

Where Mathematics Comes From by Lakoff & Nunez: one of the Author’s Sacred Texts

Metaphorical mapping from concrete to abstract thought systematic, not arbitrary

Conceptual Metaphor: a grounded, inference preserving cross-domain mapping

Conceptual Metaphors used relatively continuously to Organize & Communicate

Big 3 of Cognitive Science: Embodiment of Mind, the Cognitive Unconscious, & Metaphorical Thought

Conflation: Two Distinct Experiences merged as Single Complex Experience

Conceptual Metaphor: Inferential Structure of Concrete Domain applied to Abstract Domain

Basic Understanding of Cognitive Science required for following Discussion

Conflation of Conceptual Blends creates Monolithic Perception

Concrete Sensory/motor Network supplies inferential structure of Abstract Thought

Conflation merges two cognitive events into single complex experience.

Conceptual blends: multilayered conceptual metaphors

Mathematicians employ Conceptual Blends to create Logical System – Logos

Scientific community views Logos as monolithic, rather than a metaphorical blend.

Conceptual Metaphors have limited, not unlimited, application.

Two Limitations to Metaphorical Blends

1) Truncation of experience necessary for exact metaphorical fit

2) Paradoxical Boundaries

To eliminate contradiction, Mathematicians give up continuity

Unconscious Blending – Conscious Deconstruction

Deconstructing Conceptual Blends of Mathematics to better understand Disobedient Equations

Cognitive Perspective on History of Mathematics to provide Context for Investigation

5. Deconstructing Metaphorical Blends: a Community Service

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Drs. Lakoff & Nunez deconstruct conceptual metaphors of Mathematics

Mathematical Deconstruction is Critical & Descriptive

Conflation: two events joined as single complex neurological experience

Metaphorical linkage is not Reality

Innate Tendency to take Metaphor for Reality

Literary Metaphor solidifies with usage to expand Definition

Deconstruction of Metaphorical Blends can ignite Anger

Deconstructing Conceptual Blends leads to Emotional Growth for Individual & Culture

Drs. Lakoff & Nunez deconstruct the unconscious conflations of Mathematics

Reiteration: Conflation, the innate neurological tendency to believe that the symbol is real.

Deconstruction of Cultural Metaphor: a Community Service

Deconstructing the Mathematical Metaphor reveals the Living Algorithm’s context and purpose.

6. Subitizing, our Innate Mathematical Ability

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7. The Importance of Deconstructing the Real Number Line

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10. The Info Packet Metaphor

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Sight-based Image Schemas & Mathematical Logic

Logic of sight & sound are metaphorical blends

Logic of sight: a complex blend of image schema

Container schema: Interior, Exterior & Boundary

Image Schemas: the link between language & spatial perception

Image Schemas have built-in Spatial ‘Logics’.

Spatial ‘Logics’ of Image Schemas at the foundation of Mathematical Reasoning

Image Schemas are embodied in the neural networks of the brain.

Image schema play a central role: linking language, brain, logic, and sight in one package.

Author employs Inferential Structure of Visual Logic to understand Auditory Logic.

All Author’s cognitive info from 1 book that focused upon image schema.

Auditory Logic of Info Packet metaphor more appropriate for Subatomic behavior, Living Algorithm & Life

Understanding Info Packet metaphor via Inferential Structure of Container schema

Comparing & Contrasting Conceptual Metaphors: Visual & Auditory

Despite technical shortcomings, the analyis is compelling due to what it reveals about Life.

Container vs. Info Packet Metaphor

Container Metaphor stands for the Logics of Sight.

Info Packet Metaphor stands for the Logics of Sound.

3 Elements of Container & Info Packet Metaphor

Container & Transmission structures form gestalts

Of Boundaries & Essences

Static Container Metaphor requires a Boundary

Dynamic Info Packet Metaphor has no Boundary, therefore no Absolute Essences.

Info Packet Metaphor for the changeable Essences of the transient Subatomic World

Info Packet Metaphor for the Transient Nature of Living Matter

The Info Packet metaphor, an Auditory Logic, requires Meaning

Meaning relevant for Life, not Matter

Due to Meaning, Info Packet metaphor more appropriate for Life

Material Science ignores differences between hands & sticks.

Humans supply the Meaning behind Information.

Electronic Information Processing does not supply Meaning.

Living Algorithm links Past with Present to provide an Essence of Meaning.

Life generates Future Expectations with the Living Algorithm’s derivatives.

Meaning: Life‘s urge, the Living Algorithm’s digestion process & Info Packet’s Logic



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