About Me


The Author, Don Lehman Jr., frequently gets lost in creative obsessions of different varieties. His Guide, the Little Voice, whose advice emerges in the midst of quietude, directed him to share these projects of 40 years with the world. So here they are. Enjoy. If you are interested, check out the Timeline Page. It contains charts of the variety of projects he has been involved in from 1989->2010.


Behind the Closed Door

  I have written books

  For months and years.

Pines planted long ago

  Have all grown old

  With Dragon Scales.


Wang Wei (699-759CE) composed this poem during the Tang dynasty. Inspired by the poem, Dong Qichang (1555-1636) painted this Chinese scroll during the Ming dynasty. He called it Landscape evoking a Poem by Wang Wei (1626). Dong's scroll was created 900 years after Wang's poem was written. Now almost 400 years later, the Author's writings have also 'grown old with dragon scales'.