(Parts I & II)


Faster than a speeding bullet he

Can throw that pill, so hard it’s hard to see.

The last you see of it is when it leaves his hand.

All you can do is go up there and stand,

Then swing away and hope that he’ll be good

Enough To hit your bat for you. [The likelihood

Of such a thing is small, admittedly,

But still within the realm of possibility.]

Then let’s just say your luck holds good, the ball

Then ricochets and rattles off the left field wall.

But it comes off the bat so fast you’ll be in trouble

If you try to stretch it to a double.

The second sacker, he’ll be waiting with a grin

To tap you on the toe when you come sliding in.

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Young Billy Joe keeps throwing smoke,

Keeps knocking batters down like bowling pins

Except for that one lucky stroke.

But hits don't matter much, what counts is wins.

His teammates put some hits and runs together.

When he needs to be he's tough as leather


And the game is for the City Crown.

He can be counted on, no doubt,

To come through when the chips are down.

But then a batter bunts and beats it out.

No matter how much smoke he's got

A pitcher can't tell one to not.

A fair to middling batter can

Lay down a fair to middling bunt

If he is of a mind to show his hand.

Just square around and dump the ball in front

Of him and hope that it stays fair,

The throw is low or too late by a hair.

The next man up, he does the same.

Then, as they say, the infield falls apart,

It's sad, but part and parcel of the game.

The Fates have had a change of heart.

They can't get anybody out.

The inning turns into a rout.


There is no way to stop the skid.

It's not his day, young Billy Joe

Is just another mother's kid.

Or is it Fate that laid him low,

That set the snare that made him fall--

Showed young Greek Gods are mortal after all.

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