I told him, take your son up on the mountainside.

Then look around and find a rock to lay him on.

It makes it easy for the knife to be applied.

There is no need to cut clear through the bone.

Just flesh and blood, the way most sheep are slain.

It’s done that way because it’s more humane.


I hope you thought to bring a blade, my man.

To some folks it may go against the grain

But it’s the price that must be paid, my man.

The point is that you wanted to obtain

My favor, which for you to gain you had to do it,

Swipe the knife across the throat and glad to do it.


If one would not sacrifice a son of his

It’d show he don’t love Me enough, you see.

I’ve heard you brag that I’m the only God there is.

Those other Gods can’t cut it, They’re not up to Me.

They can’t begin to do the tricks that I can do.

The lamb/ram, for instance, in the brambles right on cue.


It meant you’d not have to go through with it.

Though it don’t tell you why I’d say to in the first place.

There’s no need for Me to burden you with it,

Though I’ll admit it’s not by any means the worst case.

Still, I’m not a Meanie, though a few still doubt it.

Though they won’t admit it, they’d be lost without it.


It’s the Book where they wrote rumors down,

Said I said so it’s got to be the Gospel Truth.

When truth to tell it’s I’m the only game in town.

They put it in the mother’s milk fed to the youth.

It’s no big secret, it’s Monopoly--

The crown the lowly Israelites bestowed on Me.


If I say it’s the way I say it is, what can they do?

I’ve got the goods they want. I ask them if they’d like

To see their loved ones, live forever, and they do.

It don’t much matter if they’re Muslim, Christian, Kike,

On that they can agree. Monopoly, man, I’m it!

But then they didn’t know enough to quit.


They said I had a Son, I sent Him down

To shed His blood and save the world by doing so.

They had Him ride a donkey, wear a gown?

They make it hard to walk away--to just say no.

A sacrifice, like hanging by the neck till dead,

Attracts lots of attention, not to mention dread.


So make the shedding of the blood as awful, grand,

And awesome as you can. Impressive is the word.

Hang Him on high and hammer spikes into each hand.

As for the feet, just one spike through the two’s preferred.

A way to save on spikes and labor, I would guess,

A way for them to see could they make do with less.


The Romans had been doing it for years.

They had been using it as a preventive.

After having seen it done, one’s fears

Of it was a compelling disincentive.

One had fears they’d do the same to one

For what one did or what they thought one might have done.


The current deterrent, so called, is something new.

It’s ‘Three Strikes and You’re Out.’ A DUI, you stole

A DVD. That’s two. A third and you

Are on your way to life in jail without parole.

It can be speeding or a beer can in your car,

Don’t matter. I don’t think I’d go that far.


What can a Body do? I promised them Free Will.

‘It’s up to you,’ I said, the worst mistake I ever made.

Can’t change My mind at this late date, a deal’s a deal.

A Promised Land, for goodness sake, for which they prayed.

But burning bushes, was it Abraham or Moses

Said he saw one? When My short term memory goes is


When it may be time for Gods like Me to go.

I’ve been around forever, since before it all began,

Which means I’ve had more time than most to grow

Through stages someone thought to call the Ages of Man.

This guy, they can’t say who, a Will but maybe not.

He could have been an Earl. They’ve got the words, so what?


It’s like the fix I’m in. If what they say is true,

What they say I say is, I’m bound to be the King.

But if it’s not I’m not. What can I do?

I’ll tell you what, can’t do a blessed thing!

They don’t yet know, this God knows though, He’s had His day.

But say He could, why should He take their God away?

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