What the world needs now is gumption, now as never before. Of

All the things it needs, it’s what the world needs more of

Most. The thing that springs to mind, that 'all you need

Is love, it’s what the world needs more of,' we’re agreed.

It’s hard to not agree with what they, John and Hal*,

Allege is key. But love unaided can’t corral

The CO2s that foul our air, the devastation

Caused, reverse or slow a growing population.


‘Where’s your gumption?’ grownups used to say, disgusted

With you when you couldn’t do a job entrusted

To you as you ought to, as if you’d misplaced it,

As if they though if you’d had it you’d have aced it.

It can’t be mislaid or lost or stashed or thrown away,

You can’t invest or plant it to grow more or for display.


But be that as it may it’s sure in short supply,

The mettle, moxie, nerve, resolve to do or die.

Old fashioned gumption, I believe it could be shown

[Somewhat the same as hemp is], if it could be grown,

Dispensed and smoked as medication, could be bought

And sold in stores, or could be put in books and taught

In schools, we’d be ahead of the curve. But that’s the hell

Of it; it can’t be grown, it ain’t for sale.

It ain’t like hemp, it don’t make you more sociable.

Nor is it like bearer bonds, it’s non negotiable.


It’s there for you to do the job that’s got to be done,

To help you win the battles that have got to be won.

It’s just another word for horse or common sense

[Though common it is not]. To buffalos, a fence

Is there to be got through. It’s those who wouldn’t be

Expected to who make the world go round. You see

Them on TV, the so called News--the so called nerds.

They’re fighting global warming, making out with words,

They’re politicians playing statesmen playing God. Call

Such as they are what you will, it takes an oddball

Or a jerk, a loner, someone slightly strange

To think he can and fool enough to try to change

The world we’re in. It takes somebody with the guts

To face the fear of death and answer, ‘Nuts!’

To Krauts in coal scuttle hats, a flag of truce in hand,

The grit to go it alone, say no to their demand,

To spit on his hands, take hold and hang on as rehearsed

Till the cows come home or Patton comes up, whichever comes first.


It’s got its down side too, for one with gumption is

By nature much more likely to take more than his

Fair share, more apt to start a war, to take a crown

Found lying in the gutter, place the hand me down

On his own noggin, having stayed the Pontiff’s hand.


Finders, keepers ain’t no way to pick The Man.

He sometimes starts to feel entitled to the perks

Crowned heads have earned by right, to do a few good works

That incidentally do some good and hang around

Long after he is gone, addicted to the siren sound

Of trumpets and renown, to have you bow and grab your balls,

Take hold and hang on tight. But it’s been shown that walls

Don’t work, it’s as a rule no way to run a state.

States don’t get run too well that way, but it’s too late,

And risky too, to terminate him. He’s The Man.

He runs the place the way he wants because he can.

He gets to be the captain, gets the final say.

How did he get to be, how does he get to stay?


Could it be too much gumption, more than his fair share,

Too much for his own good, and ours? Could there

Be such a thing? Take for example Mr Ford,

Who made a car most folks could buy, let loose a horde

Of Huns upon the land. And then there’s Mr Sam,

Who got the biggest benefit, who ran a scam,

Some say, a scheme to skim the middle class away

And grow a larger lower class with less to say.


* Hal David/Burt Bacharach

What the world needs now is love, sweet love

It's the only thing that there's just too little of..".


John Lennon/Paul McCartney

All you need is love, all you need is love,

All you need is love, love, love is all you need.


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