Instead of doing things you need to do

And want to do you must concede that you

Tend to prefer to take the path of least resistance.

You do what you'd rather do--that is to say,

You can't resist it when you in the distance

Hear the sirens singing: Come this way.

The problem is the leavings in your mind,

A thing or two you'd like to leave behind.

And now it's even more so with the not

So much more time that you've got left to you.

The little pile of chips left in your pot

Of days has dwindled down to a precious few.

It's now or never, man, or it's forever gone,

Beyond the reach of kin who'd like a bone

Or two to gnaw/chew on, and of friends and foes

Who took it on themselves to teach you what

Was what and what was not, and to suppose

The secret no one knows they somehow got.

Whatever else it did it gave you pause.

It was, along with other such, the cause

Of grave misgivings. To be liked by one

And all was all you wanted, and to do what's right

By one and all. But don't hand you a gun

And ask for you to be a party to a fight.

Let's see can't we just get along, you'd say.

Nobody hurt nor been done wrong. Okay?

You'd go along to get along, agree

To anything that anybody said.

Talk's cheap, you'd say, in fact it's free.

Let's keep it up till one and all come out ahead.

Say someone gets his feelings hurt and takes offense,

You'd be the first to say, it don't make sense

To fight about it. Let's see can't we find

Another way for you to get your highs,

Another game for you to play, designed

So there's nobody hurt, nobody dies.

The path of least resistance was the road

You traveled by. You never thought you owed

Allegiance to a country, creed, or cause,

Though you abided by the trends, or tried to,

Followed to the letter all the laws.

You had a little cricket too to guide you.

But your problem was and is, some say,

You couldn't give yourself the time a day.

The things they thought and think you ought to do

Ought not to bother you. And though you try

You can't deny it bugs you. You will rue

Regret and worry till the day you die.


2012 mar 16 17 18 21 22 24 25 sun d fulgham

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