We are Them

or the Government is not Us

Psych: “My Patient, the Writer, a free-spirit of sorts, used to call me Psych, as a nickname. I always kind of liked that, so I’ll use it here. He had an unusual learning disability, which led to all this writing. He could only understand something if he wrote it down, ‘digesting it’ was how he referred to it.

The Panama paper, as he called it, was very difficult for my Patient. It pulled away many of his veils of illusion - that he’d been holding onto for decades. This was so painful for him that he had to write to vent his emotions as well as digest the material.

While he had been living in a make-believe world of fairy tales, he discovered that American Big Business had been busy exploiting Central America. He further discovered that these businessmen, symbolized as baldheads - the servants of the Beast, had been at their dirty work for over a century. In his exploration he found that internationally ‘everybody was talking about this’ exploitation. He wondered why Americans aren’t really aware of the suppressive role their Government plays in world politics.

From the direct experience of reading the daily newspaper carefully our Writer was dismayed to find that the National Media is the mouthpiece for Big Government and Big Business. This was very discouraging for him, especially when he realized that he was one of its victims.

The Propaganda was so sophisticated that it had brainwashed, our Writer - and the American Public along with him - into thinking that the American Government is a positive force in the world. Our Patient along with the American Public had viewed the American Military as the policeman of the planet, establishing law and order by overthrowing evil dictators.

Instead it seemed the opposite was true. The closer our Writer looked the more it seemed that the American Military, which does the bidding of Big Business, which also controls the Big Government which controls the Big Press, was used to establish military dictatorships friendly to Corporate business interests - while simultaneously unfriendly to native populations everywhere.

As he was writing about Panama our Writer made other discoveries of social atrocities committed by the American Government against other cultures and against fellow Americans who belonged to the working classes. The following papers are the result of those discoveries. Again the tearing away of illusion was quite painful for my Patient. You can feel his agony at the injustice that he perceived. Thank Heaven that he had the writing or he may have sunk into an even deeper depression at his helplessness before the idiocy of humans.

In brief the following collection of articles, entitled El Salvador, Social Security & the Communist Threat, were first and foremost an expression of emotional outrage. On a secondary level he attempts to establish that the American Public is not the same as the American Government. Indeed They have taken advantage of Us in a similar fashion to the citizens of the ‘underdeveloped’ countries that our Government systematically exploits. In other words We are Them. Hence it pays to have compassion for Them because They are Us. Then We the People stand up for ‘human rights’ instead of American rights, which are usually the rights of Big Business, which are not Our rights.

As his Psychiatrist, I’ll just say that his altruistic intentions were a positive sign, but that he still had a lot to learn about his supposed audience and his own underlying motivations. Read on to discover the insights my Friend and Patient had into the connections between El Salvador, Social Security & the Communist threat.

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