The Communist Threat & Democracy #2

The Communist Threat?


What Are ‘We’ Afraid Of?

Cuba went Communist in the early ‘60’s in our own backyard. Disgraceful. Such a lucrative enterprise. That damn Castro. Curse him, that double-crosser. After ‘we’ had been such a big ally of his.

Since then, ‘we’ have been afraid that all the nations south of us are going Communist. Doesn’t it scare you to even think about it? Communism – the dreaded C word. Politicians begin trembling, hoping the Finger is not pointed at them. The public is about to change its vote.

Communism. Yahhhhh! Let me out of here!

What is so bad about Communism? Why do Politicians start salivating, the Public starts throwing bricks, & People lose jobs whenever Communism is mentioned. Is this because the personal rights of the people are being violated? They are perhaps afraid that a military dictatorship will be established, which is unfriendly to American Business Interests. We beat them to the punch. We established our own Democratic Dictatorship First.

Here are a few examples of American diplomacy in action.

Chile: CIA assassinates Allende, Chile’s elected President, because he is going ‘Communist’. (Going Communist – Sounds Like A Dread Disease.) We replace him with a military dictator, who is friendly to ‘us’ – International Corporate Business. He remains in power until their next Democratic Election – 16 years later – December 1989. Hooray!! At last.

We showed them. Socialism never works – especially when American CIA agents deliberately incite riots, disrupt the economy & create general unrest with their sophisticated scare tactics.

Guatemala 1954: The US engineered a well documented military coup after a decade of civil liberties. Not headed In the right direction. Too much freedom for the people - Not enough opportunities to exploit the indigenous population. Thirty five years later one of the worst military dictatorships in the entire world. 100,000 citizens murdered or missing – in the Reagan ‘80’s alone. Indian villages exterminated – dozens of investigators dead & gone.

Korea, South Vietnam, Iran, & host of others – the pattern is the same. First ‘we’ depose the left leaning head of _____ [Fill in the Blank with one of myriad countries from every imaginable corner of the globe.] Then replace him with a .... Guess What? a Military Dictator, friendly, as always, to American business interests. There are many examples of this syndrome – Haiti, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and China – to name a few more. The list goes on and on.

The American Way:
Fight Communism with Democratic Dictatorships

It’s the American way to prevent the rise of Communism and overthrow their evil dictatorships - everywhere, all over the planet. We are butting in anywhere there is an opportunity for economic exploitation. The pattern is always the same. We attempt to establish a Democratic Dictatorship – like they have in Russia – you know, rubber stamp democracy – the type with the gun at your head – 100 % turnout – everyone unanimously voting for the same candidate. We have a variation of this system in the United States. We are given two equally unsatisfactory candidates to choose from.

Worried about dictators? Obviously not! Because we set them up and support them with generous installments of military aid.

Are we worried about human rights?

Chuckling from the Military Industrial Complex: “Yeah the human right to economically exploit your neighbor – legally – with a little help from the gun.”

Human Rights?! Right. The Military Dictators that we prop up with our military assistance have some of the worst Human Rights records of anyone on the planet.

Why this knee-jerk reaction to Communism? Here are some of the subliminal messages at the back of our programmed minds: “We will overcome!” Khruschev – Russian invasion of Afghanistan – Stalin and his secret police, the nefarious KGB, murdering 10,000s – the Iron Curtain – shot escaping over the Berlin Wall – controlled press. China’s Cultural Revolution.

But wait! This is the Gorbachev Era. The Berlin Wall has come down. The Iron Curtain has come up. The Russians have long since withdrawn from Afghanistan. In fact Russia is dealing with civil war – as the Eastern Bloc is in the midst of a social revolution.

“Never trust those dirty Commies. Gorbachev has something up his sleeve. Can’t let our guard down. Keep defense spending up. Good for the economy and all that rot.” Deeper inside. “Keep that gravy train coming. Love the financial perks. If those worker’s rights Commies had their way I would lose my basic human rights – a vacation home in the countryside & a double dipped retirement income.”

What we are really afraid of is having to share our exorbitant wealth with those less fortunate. We want it all. The curse of the Rich – never satisfied - always craving more! More! MORE! Like the Ring Wraiths – slaves of the Dark Lord – having sold their souls for wealth and power, there is no more peace. No rest for the wicked – always at work stirring up trouble in the pursuit of wealth and power to satisfy their insatiable greed.

Who is the ‘We’ that is so afraid of Communism

It seems that the US Government is not really bothered by dictators or human rights as long as these dictators support American business interests. Presumably we are afraid that a Communist dictator will hurt these same business interests.

But who are ‘We’?

‘We’ are international business interests. ‘We’ are Big Business, Global Business, International Business - anyone doing business overseas – Normally not you and me. ‘We’ are not small businessmen. ‘We’ are not unions and collective bargaining. In fact the reverse, ‘We’ rely on cheap international labor to provide our profits and plan to keep it that way. As far as We’ are concerned Labor Unions are Communist sympathizers and deserve to be brutally squelched – as an example to any other sympathetic soul who wants to get involved. ‘We’ are afraid of anything that smacks of worker’s rights - because this threatens our OBSCENE PROFITS. You & I are normally not making our profits from global exploitation of the worker. So this is not you and me.

Communist dictatorships are governments devoted to the worker, while Democratic dictatorships are governments devoted to fulfilling the interests of Big Business.

So if you wonder why ‘We’ are afraid of Communism then you must first understand who ‘We’ are. & Usually it’s not you and me. It’s usually International Business interests – who use our Government as its own private Police Force & employs our Media to convince us that We are They.

We are the Worker and the Small Business Person. We are not International Business. We are not They.

So when their Newspapers tell us that ‘We’ should be afraid of Communism, remember that ‘We’ is not ‘Us’. Instead they are speaking about the right of International Business to exploit the indigenous population to fulfill their Greed. They are afraid of Communism because they support Worker Rights – which leads to human rights at the expense of Corporate Profit.

No wonder they are so afraid.

Unfortunately they have yet to realize that They are We. Our pain is their pain. Their excessive wealth only masks their Unobstructed View of Reality.

Poor them – so twisted and distorted with desires that they think Up is Down.

Why do we need so much more than everyone else?


North America’s 6 zones: a Short Geography Lesson

The Continent of North America, to which our country, the USA, belongs, can be roughly broken into 6 zones based upon area and population – Canada, Mexico, Greenland, the Caribbean, Central America and the USA. Below is chart with the population and area of each region.


Area (million square miles)

Percent of land mass

Population (millions)

Percent of Population

North America

























Central America










*Virtually nobody lives in Greenland – as it consists of frozen tundra – remnants of the last Ice Age.

ª Caribbean consists only of islands.

With a cursory examination of the numbers above it is easy to see that the USA is by far the dominant zone of North America – overwhelming the rest with our combination of population and area. We have nearly 2/3 of the population of the continent – almost twice as much as all the rest of the countries combined. While we have a little less area than our sparsely populated neighbors to the North, we have nearly 4 times as much area as our densely populated neighbors to the South. (This doesn’t even include the advantage of our abundant natural resources.)

Moving onto economics: we have 5 to 10 times the per capita income of our neighbors to the south - and use 10 times the natural resources per capita. Obviously we are far more prosperous than they. With all these advantages why do we continue to exploit our less fortunate neighbors to the south?

Because we can? As our government already has 100 times as many soldiers & spends a 100 times more on the military than all the rest of the continent combined. And yet our army ever expanding. Why? Is it to fulfill the greed and craving for power of a few that has exceeded all bounds of human decency? Are these select few in the midst of a such great spiritual anguish, that they can only be assuage their emptiness by drowning their sorrows in all the material possessions and external experiences that money can buy. Intense greed-aholics - they need lots of help. Lacking the substance of internal quietude, they value things rather than love.

Let’s be Americans

(Unfortunately We’re Not)

United States of America. Even the name itself has an imperial tone.

“United States of America.”

“United States of North America or United States of South America?”

“Just America.”

“Does that mean you encompass the whole hemisphere?”

“No! No! No! Just the main part of North America, (you know, the main military, political, and economic part). We’re Number One. That is important. Everyone knows that. We are so well known that we speak for all the Americas when we speak. We help all the nations of the world with our generous economic & military aid programs. And if they don’t do what we say we just cut them off. So Nanny, nanny, billy goat. If you don’t want to play our game we will just take our ball & throw it at you, knock you senseless, until you do as we say. We will not go home. So there! Take it or leave it.”

“By the way, is there any country called Africa, Europe, or Asia?”

“No. But there is a small continent and country called Australia – as well as the one & only Antarctica, the South Pole. But we are the only country to call itself by the collective name of two continents, not one but two. We aren’t North America or South America. We are America.

I am an American. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that I am of this Hemisphere. but only that I am one of the dirty American baldheads you’ve heard so much about.

So even our name causes resentment among the rest of our hemisphere. How can we call ourselves Americans when we continue to pursue our own greedy self-interests rather than pursuing truly American interests of the entire hemisphere.

They wouldn’t even let Vice-President Quayle visit our nearest neighbor and supposed ally, Mexico, because it would be too embarrassing for the Mexican administration in view of America’s latest shenanigans into Panama

So we aren’t really Americans, unfortunately. We are really United Statesians, – because our whole orientation is only towards mainland USA – not towards the peoples of our hemisphere, as our name implies.

However let’s change our orientation. Let us attempt to be Americans for the Americas by giving up our misconception that We are separate from Them. Their Pain is our Pain, just as their Joy is our Joy. Let Us make all parts of our Selves happy rather than sad.

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