Propaganda & Social Welfare #6

Together we stand – Divided we fall


Everyone benefits from social insurance – Rich, Poor & Working Class

The intention of the Establishment's Propaganda is to divide and conquer. The Masters of Deception have frequently used this time-honored technique throughout the ages to defeat their common enemy - the People.

They know that when the People stand together that they are invincible. This is why they spend fortunes on the national media, which issues their Propaganda - and stage international charades in order to convince the People that what they are doing is right, correct, moral, and good - when it is just the opposite. They go thru such effort because they respect the power of their enemy.

Due to the economic hardships of the Great Depression of the 1930s the People stood together to elect legislatures that would pass laws providing the social insurances that we take for granted. The People united to stop the Vietnam War. The People standing together elected Jimmy Carter with his ‘human rights’ policy. They also voted in Reagan with his ‘go for the gold’ policy because of the turbulence during the Carter era.

Although the People’s mood is fickle they are worth manipulating because like the Mob they have so much power when they are all going in the same direction. There are other examples of the People banding together effectively against the Rich - but the point is that the Propagandists deliberately divide the People against themselves to diffuse their Power.

To reiterate: Although all Americans benefit from the various types of social insurance provided by the government and funded by our taxes, the Propagandists make it seem that the lazy Poor are taking money out of the pockets of the industrious Workers. Further they make it seem as if the Democrats are the ones who’ve passed the laws taking money out of the paychecks of those who work and giving it those who don’t. Further they make it seem as if the Republican Party is trying to cut those taxes that the Democrats are trying to raise to give Money to the Non-working Paupers.

“The Good Republicans, with traditional American values, are trying to restore earnings to the Working Class that have been taken away by the free spending Democrats and given to the Lazy Poor.”

This type of Propaganda is very effective because virtually no one who works wants to support lazy people with their hard earned money.

The Reality, as we’ve attempted to show, is far different.

Social Welfare, which Taxes fund, benefits the Working Class just as much as the Non-Working Poor. There is the Medical Insurance, which benefits all workers when they retire. There is Retirement Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and Disability Insurance for on-the-job injuries, on the most basic levels. On the less obvious level there is education insurance, if you haven’t saved up enough money to send your children to private schools – legal insurance if you can’t afford a lawyer – road and park insurance if you can’t afford to maintain your own private grounds. Most of these insurances are for the welfare of the community as a whole, not just the ‘Lazy’ Poor.

Following are some diagrams that illustrate these ideas.


What the Propagandists want you to believe




Worker Taxes support the Lazy Poor on welfare.

The Democrats support this,

while the Republicans oppose it.



What is Blatantly Obvious




Worker Taxes pay for Social Services, which benefit all Americans.

The Democrats support this,

while the Republicans would rather spend the tax money

on wars of exploitation to benefit their class.

The Rich also benefit from social programs

Of course the Wealthy, who are the foundation of the Republican Party, don’t benefit directly from some of these programs. They don’t receive Social Security when they retire and they might send their children to private rather than public schools. However they do use the roads and the parks, and rely on the fire and police department to provide protection. The government funds all of these programs and more with our common tax pool. While the Rich don’t directly benefit from some of the programs, the indirect benefits are enormous.

Further these social insurances alleviate the tensions of the bulk of the Population so that the Wealthy don’t have to worry so much about protecting their money and their life. Because the Rich have less fear they can enjoy their wealth more fully. Unfortunately the Wealthy tend to think that the more money they have the happier they will be when the materialism can never be enjoyed under the cloud of fear, no matter how much money there is. Complete protection is a fantasy.

Thus all these social programs, funded by a variety of taxes, are designed to protect all the People of the country against unforeseen circumstances, not just the Non-Working Poor. This alleviates fear in the populace. With a lower level of stress everyone is safer, not just the working classes and the poor. And with everyone safer, the fear level can drop for everyone, which allows us all to enjoy our materialism more. Therefore social insurance funded by taxes is good for everyone, including the Rich.

Media Masters turn Welfare into a bad word

A Great Example of Social Conditioning

Welfare has been given such a pejorative meaning in the United States that to even use the word is to risk political doom. It evokes such a negative reaction amongst certain of the working class that it is not a good idea to even use the word in a persuasive argument. The emotional reaction of these Workers is so strong that their analytical mind immediately shuts down and they begin thinking, “What an idiot the speaker is – taking my hard earned money and giving it to the lazy ‘welfare’ cheats – who just hang out eating chocolates as they watch soap operas on TV – while I’m punching the time clock and working my 40 hour week.”

This is a good example of the social conditioning that imprisons people. The word ‘welfare’ is spoken and certain listeners begin foaming at the mouth – thinking to themselves, or maybe out loud: “I don’t want my tax money supporting lazy people.” Because of this Pavlovian response to the word welfare we will instead use the word social insurance.

How interesting that the word welfare, which is so benign, could have been given such a negative connotation by the Media Masters. This only shows how powerful they are. As such these Propagandists must be respected as Masters of Manipulation, Without respect we will be manipulated too. They weasel their way into our preconceptions. Before we know it they have entered in. Already we are either toeing the line or reacting to it. Either way - we’ve fallen into their trap. For reacting to the Propaganda is no good either.

Those of us who fall mindlessly into line are the Majority, while those of who react mindlessly scare the rest into the Majority. For instance - in terms of our welfare example - the majority are against ‘welfare cheats’. They envision millions of these people taking advantage of the system - so they don’t have to work - so that they can be lazy. “I don’t want my money going to individuals who aren’t pulling their weight.” As far as the Worker is concerned the majority of those receiving ‘welfare’ are in this category.

Compassionate Reaction alienates the Worker

The polar reaction to the Propaganda is: “Yelp! We need to be compassionate - helping those less fortunate than ourselves with some form of social assistance.” Although this plea seems reasonable to the compassionate, it is pathetic to those who feel they are already paying too much of their paycheck in taxes to provide social assistance to the undeserving. The compassionate response is the one the Word Masters are counting on as they have already conditioned the Masses against compassion for the down and out.

This conditioning occurred long ago. Indeed the reaction to Pauperism is over a thousand years old – deriving from agricultural England. This was a time when those who were industrious were rewarded with abundant crops while the irresponsible might perish – God’s punishment. With such long roots this reaction is so deeply imbedded that one might even deem it as cultural genetics. Although it might not actually be genetic it is so deeply ingrained in our words and training that it may as well be.

So the polar response to welfare - might convince a few, but will alienate more of these Workers - who resent all the taxes they have to pay for Non-Workers - which have been levied on them by the ‘free spending’ Democrats - who keep increasing the number of ‘welfare’ recipients and programs for these Non-Workers. “Why can’t they just get a job, like the rest of us?” This polar reaction is what the Media Masters are counting on to further inflame the Workers against the ‘Lazy Poor’ and the ‘Liberal Democrats’, as the ones giving them a free handout paid for by increased taxes on the Worker.

Transcend the Worker/Non-Worker Polarity

It is necessary to transcend the welfare polarity to properly respond to the Propaganda. The welfare polarity sets up the extremes of those who pay and those who get. We are those who pay. They are those who get. Further the ‘liberal’ Democrats are responsible for this inequity, while the ‘conservative’ Republicans are trying to take us back to our pioneer farmers roots - where everyone works hard to earn their living – taxes are low – and the influence government is minimal. This welfare polarity splits the People into Workers and Non-workers. The Media links the fiscally responsible Republicans with the Workers - while the overly compassionate Democrats are linked with the Unfortunate – who probably deserve their fate – and shouldn’t be supported by taxes on the working class.

Transcendence exists when the Us/Them polarity is exited. “We the People of America support each other with this social insurance. We all work and put money into the Pot. If any of us have problems – Rich, Poor, or In-between– this Pot is there for assistance. This way everyone feels safe and secure - regardless of the downturns of social circumstance. We are all in this together and need to stand together to help each other out.

It is not the case of ‘They’ receiving social welfare that ‘We’ have paid for, while ‘We’ receive nothing for our contributions. Instead everyone contributes to the Pot in case any of us have problems. Indeed the Pot is there so that we all can draw from it in a time of need – whether due to natural catastrophes, i.e. fire, flood, earthquake, or hurricane, or due to an economic downturn. In addition to those individuals or communities receiving government assistance because they experienced one of those personal tragedies that can happen to anyone, Workers receives income and medical assistance when they retire. Parents receive a free public education for their children until the age of 18 and then financial assistance when their progeny go to college. These are all forms of social insurance that the government provides. (Heaven forbid we should use the term ‘welfare’. As mentioned it sets off such a Pavlovian response, the word should be avoided whenever possible.)

Although this fund was set up to benefit the greater good the Republicans are using this pot of money to wage international wars to increase the profits of the Rich.

Don’t be tricked by media polarities into the Workers/Republicans US versus Lazy/Democrats Them mentality. It is clearly not the Reality. If there is a Polarity it is People/Democrats Us versus Rich /Republicans Them. Transcend the Worker-Pauper Polarity - Move to the People vs. Rich Polarity and the People are invincible. Following are some charts that illustrate these concepts.

Projection of the Masters of Deception

The Illusion

Republicans support the Worker by attempting to reduce Taxes.

Democrats support the Lazy Poor by raising Taxes on the Worker.


Actual Political Reality

The Reality

Republicans tend to support policies that favor the Rich,

at the expense of the Greater Community.

Democrats tend to support social programs

that provide insurance for the Greater Community of People

Stand Together to relieve the anxiety that robs us of our Joy

If we reside in the Worker/Pauper polarity we are doomed to be slaves of the Rich - which is where they want us to be. Or we end up a slave of Fear. Afraid that we will end up a Pauper we build enormous walls to protect us from those less fortunate - accumulating a bigger and bigger personal pot to shield us from financial fears that refuse to go away no matter how much we save – the anxiety that continually grows as we grow older and are less able to provide for ourselves.

Instead of fighting against each other and giving all our collective savings to the Rich to fight their perpetual wars over matters that don’t really concern us, we need to stand together to support each other in time of need. Power to the People. Right on.

Americans rise up against those who try to manipulate us with their word games. Join together and much of our fears will dissolve because our collective Pot can provide for the Greater Community with social insurance against any conceivable unforeseen disaster.

Stand apart and we will be picked off one by one to fight wars for the Rich that don’t really assuage our fears. Indeed these Wars and the lack of social insurance due to enormous military expenses raise the fears and anxieties that prevent us from enjoying our materialism. On the other hand if we support programs designed to provide social insurance for collective or personal misfortune this will alleviate anxiety – enabling us to enjoy our toys even more. Refuse to support the policies of the War Lords who are stealing us blind and telling us it’s for our own benefit. Don’t get confused when the Media says that our taxes support lazy welfare cheats. Remember our taxes provide social insurance for all Americans. We are Them.

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