The United States, Protector of Freedom?

Psych: “In the preceding sections the Author attempted to expose some of the myths propagated by the American Media. One such myth is that the US military protects Central American countries from Communist aggression. Both the Panama and El Salvador examples illustrated clearly that the US military acted to suppress the freedoms of the average citizen rather than protect them from harm. Of course the American government justifies its aggression as a balance to the activities of Cuba and Russian trained Communist insurgents. This is partially true as the US military supports Corporate Rights against Worker Rights, which are supported by the Communist insurgents.

A corollary myth is that American Corporations raises the standard of living of these 3rd world Central American countries by providing jobs and money to the indigenous population. Again the facts indicate that these International Corporations enslave the native population and seize their land. The only ones whose standard of living increases from American assistance are the wealthy and the military – if they cooperate in the exploitation of the rest.

An underlying global myth is that the essence of the conflict between Western Democracies and Communist Dictatorships is the battle between Freedom and Suppression, which is being fought over and over again in the 3rd world countries all over the world. Again the facts indicate otherwise. Instead the Western Corporations, which are part of Big Business’ Global Empire, restrict Freedom as they conquer and enslave the Indigenous Populations to serve their Corporate Stockholders, whose life’s blood is exorbitant Profits – which are based in limiting labor costs through the restriction of basic human rights.

These three basic myths and the counter reality are illustrated in the following diagrams, which contrast the difference between the Illusion created by the Media and the Reality supported by Facts.

However if the evidence presented thus far is not convincing enough to shake these underlying myths that are based in the deeper assumption that America is a force for liberty and freedom throughout the planet, read the Author’s next series of articles, Colombia, Drugs and the CIA. Warning it could cause nausea in the compassionate, rage from those invested in justice, retaliation from those who’ve bought into the feel good mentality of the Propaganda, and revenge from True Believers.”

US Military: Defender or Oppressor?


Media Projection


The USA Military acts as an international police force,

protecting Central American Countries

from Russia and Cuba trained Communist insurgents,

which attempt to disrupt these Countries.


Facts Indicate Otherwise


A Closer Reality

The USA provides the military arm for the International Corporations,

which is used to dominate and exploit the Central American Natives

Russia and Cuba provide the training and supplies

for the Central American Natives – the indigenous population,

who are attempting to defend themselves

from exploitation by the imperialist powers.

US Agenda for Natives: Prosperity or Exploitation?



The Illusion

International Corporations, working through the US Government,

attempts to pump money into these poor Central American economies

to increase their standard of living

(based on their GNP and their average annual income).

Everyone in the country benefits.


Facts Indicate

A Different Reality

The International Corporations, which use the American Military as its tool,

enslave the indigenous population of Central America to do their work,

and seize their land for their business.

As long as the Natives cooperate with the Exploitation

There is no need for a military intervention.

US Agenda for Natives: Freedom or Slavery?


The Propaganda


Globally, the Western Democracies fight for the rights of people

against Communist Dictatorships,

which ruthlessly suppress the freedom of their population.


Facts Indicate Otherwise

A More Complete Reality

The Western Corporations, which are the Global Empire,

conquer and enslave the Indigenous populations of the world.

These Natives are exploited to increase their profits.


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