Columbia, Drugs, & the CIA #3

George Bush, ex-head of the CIA, deals w/Devil


Nicaragua rebels against American Capitalism

Parade Magazine, February 11, 1990. A reader questions why the CIA would purportedly pay Noriega $10,000 a month for information & services. Walter Scott replies,

“The Central Intelligence Agency will deal with the devil if it believes such dealings serve the best interests of the United States.”

This of course should be amended to read 'the best interests of United States International Business.' For these best interests don't even include American small business, who are being equally exploited by Big International Business through the Tax Laws. (See essay on Social Security.)

Now the light bulb goes on. What are these services that Noriega rendered? One obvious service that Noriega supplied was supplying the CIA with pilots to run their guns to Nicaragua to fight the rebels, those Sandinistas. Some of these pilots may have also run a few drugs also. These same pilots are the ones who are presently testifying against Noriega.

Who are all these rebels? What are they rebelling against? Why do the rebels control the government in Nicaragua? Who are they rebelling against if they are the government? Obviously the underlying understood implication is that they are rebels against capitalism, (our controlled press would have one believe that they are rebels against democracy but a critical examination of the facts shows something far different) and maybe democracy with many veils over its head. Democracy really has very little to do with our criteria for choosing our allies.

Capitalism seems to be the only criterion. If the leaders of the country will allow International Business to exploit the poor under the banner of Free Enterprise, then this government is all right by our thieving murderous government. I don't really want to assume responsibility for this human tragedy – the wide spread suffering – the murder, mayhem,, looting, and violence propagated under the auspices of the United States Federal Government – except that the taxes they take out of my paycheck is going to kill innocent peasants everywhere. Aurgh!

Ramble on.

Moral character has nothing to do with our decisions to be someone's ally. As a matter of fact, we really don't like countries that treat their people well because it shows us up for what we are. Witness Cuba who has one of the best child-care programs in our hemisphere and is simultaneously our greatest foe.

Costa Rica Bans an American General for Life
for introducing Drug Trade

Establishment Ed: “You might have established that the federal government has looked the other way on cocaine dealing to enable those noble freedom fighters, the Contras to better fight those dirty Communist rebels in Nicaragua, but in no way have you shown that the CIA has actually assisted in the drug dealing.”

Dim Dune: “Why did those Medellin drug lords funnel $10 million to the Contra rebels to appease the Republican Administration run by the ex head of the CIA George Bush, who will definitely deal with the devil if it serves the best interests of his cronies those members of the international business establishment.”

Ed: “Come on, Dune. Sources please? Why are his sources any better than US Federal propaganda machine.”

Dune: “Why ‘were the Costa Ricans so upset at the introduction of the drug trade that the legislature has banned for life people such as North, former Rear Admiral John Poindexter, former Gen. Richard Secord and others who allegedly set up the network.’? I thought Costa Rica was our ally.”

Ed: “They are.”

Dune: “Why would they ban anybody as important as an American General from their country.”

Ed: stammering, “Well, um hah, huh?. By the way did you see the Laker game last night? They really kicked butt on Phoenix.”

Dune: “Not to force the issue, because I don't want to cause you undue stress, but Costa Rica is trying to extradite John Hull a CIA employee for setting up the drug network on his ranch in Costa Rica. An American court has decided to hear a case against this man for an alleged bombing that injured another American.”

Ed: “Dim, you're getting tedious. That Magic Johnson is really incredible, isn't he? Go Lakers! Don’t be so depressing.”

Israeli weapons diverted to Colombian Drug Lords

SB News Press May 10, 1990

JERUSALEM-An investigating team from Antigua questioned Israeli reserve Col. Yair Klein about a shipment of Israeli arms to the Caribbean island that instead was diverted to a Colombian drug lord.

It’s easy to understand the context of this article now, while before it would have been a bewildering mystery. The Israeli are our allies. We supply them with some $3 Billion dollars a year in military aid. Since they are our good friends they are quite willing to supply our allies with all the guns or financial aid they can. Witness Israeli support of South Africa after the US Congress denied aid for South Africa. The US Government can't directly support these monsters of cocaine, so we get our good ally Israel to supply these drug dealers with guns - with which they suppress the peasant’s rights groups - that our National Press labels Communist.

CIA approves Israeli plan to train Terrorists

SB News Press, May 13, 1990, AP

JERUSALEM- Israeli Television reported Saturday that the Central Intelligence Agency condoned a plan by an Israeli reserve colonel to set up a training camp for Panamanian rebels in Antigua and equip it with Israeli weapons.

The CIA declined to comment on the report, which came as Antiguan investigators were in Israel to inquire about the weapons shipment.

The camp project was never completed, and Antiguan investigators say the Israeli arms later were diverted to a Colombian drug lord. CIA representatives stationed on the Caribbean island did not oppose the training camp project.

“We always decline to comment on reports of this nature,” said CIA spokesman Peter Earnest.

Very Interesting. Israeli Jews supplying guns to terrorist drug dealers in Colombia approved by the CIA. I like it, makes good material for my next novel. What does their fight for Jewish autonomy have to do with Colombian drug lords? Under conventional wisdom this becomes quite perplexing. But when viewed under the concept that the United States is allies with Israel & with the Colombian drug dealers it all fits into place. Friends and allies assist other friends and allies.

Conventional wisdom tells us that Israel needs $3 Billion dollars a year in military aid from the US to defend their borders from the evil Arabs who are trying to attack them. It also tells us that the noble Bush Administration is committing $1 Billion dollars a year to fight drugs in Central & South America. Then comes this pair of eentsy teensy articles quoted in their entirety above - quite perplexing and easily ignored - CIA, drugs, guns, Israel, drug lords.

Establishment Ed: “Wait. This is too confusing. Where is Antigua anyway?”

Dune: “A little island in the Caribbean. The question is ‘Why are they going all the way to Israel to investigate an arms shipment that was diverted from them to drug lords in Colombia?”

Ed: “Wait a minute. Lets turn to the Comics or the Entertainment section or maybe perhaps the Sports page - where Good is Good. Black is Black and all is in its place and my heroes sometimes win, but there are always heroes. And there is always another season - and no one gets killed - and the players make outrageous salaries - and they are guys like you and me - and now they are millionaires - and maybe I can win the lottery - and then I'd be rich too.”

Dune: “Just where in the picture of general wisdom does this puzzle piece fit into place? There are no Communists here. There are no evil Moslem Arabs, (even the Iranians are not Arab at all and consider it an insult to be called an Arab). This puzzle piece with the Israeli guns connected to the Colombian drug dealers doesn’t seem to find any spot in the vision of the world created by our National Media.”

Ed: “OK so the CIA was dealing drugs; but that was long ago, during Nixon's ‘Dirty tricks’ administration. This is not going on now in the Reagan-Bush Administrations Why Reagan is a born-again Christian & Bush is so fatherly. I feel so comfortable with them and life has been good. Hasn't it? You say these articles were written in the Spring of 1990. Wait, that's pretty recent Hey wait a minute! That's right now. Right Now!! It must be those darn Democrats - soft on drugs you know. But wait, the Republicans are in their 10th year in office.”

“Those Congressman have my hands tied,” bleats Ronnie Reagan, with his B star quality good looks and comfortable smile.

His face melts away like plastic, revealing a monster with long gleaming fangs, dripping with blood. The countries of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala lie dead at his feet. George Bush, the grinning Apeman, is howling by his side. He has the blood of Panama smeared all over him. She lays prostrate at his feet. He is ready to rape her again and then his glance spies Colombia, Peru and Cuba. Having sucked Panama's blood dry he and his jackals move on to a new feast.

Remember George Bush worked his way up the ranks of the CIA to become its director - then vice President - now President. How convenient. Head of the CIA becomes President of the US. He has learned to deal with the devil if it appears to be in the best interests of the USA or the international military industrial complex.

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