Preface: The Return of our Horrified Author

After the Cool Numbers of Anal Retentive Bookwork


Psych (August 2002): Our stunned Author stopped writing completely for almost 5 months after finishing Colombia, Drugs & the CIA in May of 1990. This literary outburst started six months earlier in November 1989 with Sleeping Beauty, proceeded to El Salvador, Social Security, Panama and then finished with Colombia over the next few months. He was so overwhelmed by the depth of the corruption and deceit that he retreated into emotionless bookwork for the next 5 months, presumably to clean his brain of the stench of evil.

The bookwork had all the patterns of an anal retentive personality, relating to his obsessive need for control of his life. This bookkeeping had three sides. He tracked his own behavior, his finances, and his wife’s jewelry business, all excessively. To justify this behavior, he called his Action records ‘scientific research on behavior’ - his financial Records ‘prudent economy’ – and his jewelry records ‘good business techniques’.

These incredible in-depth analyses, while certainly of value, would certainly be called extreme, and hardly necessary – at least to the extent our Writer took them. It seemed that, subconsciously at least, he was afraid that the information he had uncovered would overwhelm him psychically. As such he withdrew from the political world to avoid emotional injury. He needed to cool down because he was participating in their world - getting drawn into it.

Despite all this jargon he was simply afraid of retaliation by the powers that be.

Still is.

Perhaps a bit paranoid.

Perhaps not.

He had uncovered these uncomfortable truths simply by using his brain – employing basic analysis to uncover truth. He hadn’t done any unusual research. He didn’t have any incredible sources. He wasn’t able to see anything first hand. Simply by noticing the implications of what was being said in the mainstream newspapers by the international news wires, he had simply confirmed the depth of the propaganda and brainwashing that Chomsky had suggested.

Although Chomsky had warned our Writer, the greed was far worse, the damage done to the indigenous people far more horrifying, the propaganda more misleading, the brainwashing more complete than our Writer had ever imagined.

After his half-year hiatus from writing he finally broke out with this piece, which he labeled ‘The Crusades’. It was his reaction to a book of the same name. Serendipitously loaned to him by his Tai Chi partner the historical work helped to answer many of his unasked questions. At the time he considered this work separate from his preceding political writings. As he was editing the work over a decade later he discovered that it was continuation of what went before – an initial answer to the roots of modern corruption.

To reiterate this direction was not a conscious choice on the Author’s part. Instead he just followed where the Universal Wave took him. He was just a passive recipient of grace - of baraka - from the Deep Above. Indeed the realization that his series of essays were connected occurred over a decade after the fact. This whole movement of the Universe operated on subconscious rather than conscious levels. As always his work was more a process of discovery than an exposition of facts that he already knew. Read on to discover the roots of iniquity and corruption in our 21st century world.

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