5. The European Caste System and Norse Mythology

Caste System of the Norse Mythology

Let us now deal with the tripartite caste system of Norse Mythology, which has had such ominous manifestations, then and now.

Heimdahl was a Norse warrior god, who was so important that he was entrusted with a great horn with which to call the gods to battle in the attack that was to signal the end of the world. He came to earth disguised as a human named Rig, king in Irish. While on earth first a serf couple befriended him. He impregnated the wife making them parents of the thralls, i.e. the serfs, the slaves of the land. Second a couple that were landowners befriended him. Heimdahl impregnated this wife, making them the parents of all the peasants – the landowners and freemen. Third an aristocratic couple named Fathir and Mothir, root words to our father and mother, befriended him. He impregnated Mothir, making them the parents of the warrior aristocracy.

They had a son named Jarl. He was taught all the warrior skills of his father, at which he excelled - no farming skills. When he reached adolescence, Heimdahl appeared to him, revealing that he was his true father. He said it was time for him to ‘win land, to win age-old halls, and command a host of followers.’ Jarl immediately responded by slaying others, gathering a great army, and turning the ground red with the blood of his slain victims. This account is contained in the Song of Rig.

While the story was probably written to justify the genealogy of the Danish kings as originating with a god, it indicates the tripartite social structure of the Vikings, i.e. serf, peasant, and warrior. Further it indicates that the classes of man are genetic. This is the caste system European style. One is born into his caste and must remain there. The gap is impassable. The serfs and peasants are naturally hardworking and ugly while the members of the aristocratic class are good looking, intelligent warriors.

This has a few ramifications. First the warrior class is born to not only rule, but to conquer as well. Rulers are supposed to battle and conquer - ‘to temper their weapons with the blood of their enemies.’ The warrior class is not born to protect the farmer, nor his land. The warrior is born to battle, to take that which others make because of his divine mission, which was revealed directly by the gods. Further because the warrior leader is naturally more powerful, more handsome, and more intelligent than the other classes of humans he deserves to rule and conquer.

Unfortunately this warrior caste system was a perfect fit to the Christian Europe that the Vikings conquered. The West Germani tribes, which included the Franks, Angles and Saxons, had already overrun the indigenous agri-cultures of Europe, whether Celtic, Slavic or other, many centuries before the Normans arrived. The Normans belonged to the Northern Germani tribes, most of the time called Vikings. While they were the last of the Germani tribes to arrive, they carried with them similar beliefs. Thus the prior Germani tribes had already set up the caste system in Europe before the Normans arrived.

As mentioned the invading warriors believed that they were the highest class of humans and meant to rule. While people knew nothing about genes at this time, they had been breeding animals for thousands of years already. Everyone knew how important the parents were to the breeding of dogs for instance. It was an easy extension to humans. Some humans were bred to serve and others were born to rule.

Caste System neither Greek, nor Biblical

The caste system is neither Greek nor Biblical. The three classes of society is certainly is not based in the Greek mythology, which only has immortals and humans – no inherent class structure. The Old Testament God, while creating man and woman, did not create three classes of humans. Of course he picked people to be Prophets, Kings, or even his Chosen People, but he didn’t create different grades of humans.

While God didn’t create three classes of humans, he did say via the Old Testament, of course, that it is divinely sanctioned to enslave heathens. Therefore all the religions founded in the Old Testament, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, believed in the enslavement of people that didn’t believe as they did. These Old Testament religions used this Biblical justification as an excuse for slavery throughout the nineteenth century, i.e. American Civil War period.

However, ideally, as soon as these heathen converted, they became part of the flock. This was especially true of the versions of Christianity and Islam, which weren’t polluted by materialism. Convert and you will be saved. Slaves could eventually become free men and maybe even rise to be the ruler of a country, depending on his or her talent. Thus the only difference between humans, Biblically speaking, was whether they were a believer or a non-believer. There were not inherent differences between humans.

Although the Bible does not support castes, practically speaking there is always a class system based upon economic status in every culture. This is inherent to being a human. Birds of a feather flock together. However in a class system, an individual or at least his descendants might rise or fall in class, depending upon circumstances. But the class system is not the caste system. The class system permits upward, downward and sideways mobility, while in the caste system, an individual and his family is born into a caste within which they remain forever. The caste system of India was and is of this nature, as is this Germanic caste system. Each human was born ruler, freeman, or serf because of divine will.

European Feudal System matches Nordic Castes

Europe’s feudal society was a direct extension of the Nordic caste system. Charles Martel, Charlemagne’s grandfather, established European feudalism, with its system of interlocking alliances, after barely defeating an Islamic invasion force in 632 CE, who came into Europe by way of the Pyrenees from Spain. Due to this narrow escape from domination by a foreign culture each community was required to provide funds to train a knight or army to protect the culture from external attack - first from the Moslems - then from the Norsemen. The feudal system that Martel set up to protect the Western European Catholic culture from external attack was the foundation of Charlemagne’s eventual rise to power as the first Holy Roman Emperor. (See related paper.)

Although the European class structure arose, at least in part, out of practical necessity, its tripartite structure was an inherent part of the Scandinavian mythology, which the rulers of Europe brought with them. Although they quickly abandoned their myths replacing them with Christian ones, many residuals remained, as their conversion was primarily for political reasons. According to their mythology, when the gods created the world they created three classes of society, i.e. the warrior, landowner, and serf - the Warrior being the highest class. The feudal social structure reflected their Nordic beliefs perfectly.

Class structure of Feudalism

As these Nordic-Germanic tribes conquered Christendom and converted, they brought their caste system with them – incorporating it into Europe’s feudal system. They knew they are born to rule and conquer. As the ruling military aristocracy, they were the top caste with hereditary genetic inbred rights. The serf class was similar to their bottom caste of thralls, while their middle freeman caste was congruent with the middle class of small farmers, craftsmen and merchants, i.e. anyone who must work for a living. In contrast the warrior rulers take for a living. They don’t work; they just train for their continual battles.

The Christian religious leaders with the Pope at their head were in a different class altogether. Although indisputably the top of the spiritual world, they vied for power over the political world with the military aristocracy. Not part of the warrior based Nordic mythology this religious class provided a dynamic that eventually overturned the violent warrior cult.

While the middle and lower classes produced goods and services, the ruling class provided protection. While they certainly provided protection, they also provided war and oppression. This was a necessary evil, then and now. It was a high level of protection racket.

“We have a deal that you can’t refuse. Allow us to be your rulers and raise taxes for wars, and we will protect you from them.”

“And if we say No?”

“We will pillage and plunder your cities. Murder your men. Rape your women. & Sell your children into slavery.”

“Well since you put it that way. How can we refuse such benevolent terms?”

Feudal System, a Protection Racket

As the northern tribes came aconquering the feudal system spread all over Europe, including the British Isles. The warrior elite provided protection for the rest of humanity from their aggressive class. The rest of humanity included the mothers, children, and elderly - the farmers, merchants, priests and crafts people who worked to produce goods and services to allow our human culture to work peaceably together.

The military elite in the Eurasian landmass usually derives from external warrior cultures. While the ruling class of both China and India originally came from the Central Asian steppes, Europe’s came from the Germanic and Scandinavian tribes coming down from the north.

Feudalism was an emergent socio-political form, not something forced on from the outside. Because of training and intent the warrior cultures easily dominated the agri-cultures militarily, first in raids and then by establishing themselves as rulers. They demanded tribute or taxes to establish order and provide defense from others of their same ilk. It was a high level protection racket that continues to this day.

Ideally the Warrior class protects the Farmer class from attack by other Warrior cultures. Realistically the Warrior exploits or dominates the Farmer. This is the classic Bronze Age society that we are attempting to expose. (See Bronze Age Warrior Kings.)

Note that the placement of Nordic caste system on top of the existing social structure occurred naturally. In a hostile world warriors are needed to protect the merchant, farmer, and serf from external attack. This makes them most important for cultural survival – hence the rigid caste system. It was the most effective social technology to ensure survival at this period in history.

Modern Residuals of the Caste system

The importance of a trained military class is the idea behind royal blood, which dominated European politics for over a thousand years. This caste system was one of the underlying beliefs that we attempted to expose in our story, the Sleeping Beauty Conspiracy. The underlying belief was that the Prince and Princess were drawn inexorably to each other, even though they were disguised as peasants, because they both had royal blood. This recent 20th century cultural manifestation is so deep that no one even questioned it or found it objectionable.

Another popular story with the caste system is The Sword and the Stone, where King Arthur is raised by peasants but has royal blood and so is able to pull the sword and assume his rightful place at the head of the kingdom. Why couldn’t Arthur and the Prince have been exceptional people who transcended their background because of hard work, rather than having royal blood? This emphasis on bloodline certainly has nothing to do with the mythology behind democracy, where we are all created equal.

The European feudal system with its roots in Nordic mythology – the caste system, the glorification of battle, and taking, not giving – is based in the Us/Them Illusion. The Corruption is based in the same illusion – that We are not Them – when in actuality They are Us or We are Them. Tribalism vs Globalism – the Hierarchicial Patriarchy vs Egalitarianism – Military Aristocracy vs. True Democratic Ideals. But we are a long way from that.

Enslaving and exploiting the Other divinely sanctioned

While the caste system of the Germanic tribes was not Christian, it was easily placed on top of the Christian society that they inherited from the Romans. The idea of royal blood created the hereditary aristocracy as well as the notion that it was OK to enslave indigenous populations everywhere because they had inferior blood as well as the fact that they were heathens as well.

This is where the two cultures dovetailed nicely. While the idea of enslavement of heathens was Biblical, the idea that they were genetically inferior was from the Germanic culture. This Germanic idea of the genetic super human culture eventually led to Hitler and World War II.

While the Germans with their super human idea, based in Norse mythology, lost the war, the caste system continues to thrive. It is one of the foundations of the corruption that we are trying to expose. The Euro-American governments and people feel instinctively that they are superior, culturally and technologically at least, and so that it is socially acceptable to enslave the indigenous peoples of the Third World. It is OK for us to engage in activities that would be considered criminal if perpetuated upon one of our own with royal American/European blood. These people need to be civilized anyway, converted to our ways. It might take a few generations. This enslavement of these inferior Third World cultures is for their own good. God said it is OK to enslave heathens and Germanic culture says that we are meant to rule, conquer and dominate. After all our parents are all called Father and Mother, the names of the parents of the ruling warrior class. We are simply following our divine calling as Old Testament Christians and as Nordic warrior kings.

And remember in our warrior class there was really nothing much about encouraging culture or even accumulating wealth. It was mostly about the excitement of battle and the results of war. And Jehovah, our God of War from the Old Testament, was about nation building, which included accumulating territory and power. We rulers of the Western world are true to our Christian and Germanic heritage.

Norse mythology reflects the Ecology myth

Before leaving the beliefs of the Viking warrior cult, which has had such an impact upon western civilization, we must mention an interesting congruence. The modern Ecology Myth is contained in the Norse mythology. Many of us who worship creativity and the fertility of the Earth rather than battles and wars over territory and resources hold this underlying mythology – probably an explicit belief for many of us.

In the Norse mythology the gods become ever more violent in their battles until they destroy the world. This more accurately reflects the behavior of our leaders than does Jesus’ philosophy of pacifism. For centuries, and even millennium, our leaders have played the game of one-up-man-ship rather than that of enlightened ruler. This has led to increasingly violent and continuous warfare, which rapidly consumes our planet’s limited resources. The most powerful rulers have focused primarily on increasing the power, wealth, and prestige of their elite followers – with very little thought directed to human welfare. “Do unto others before they do it unto you,” is the corruption of Jesus’ golden rule. This was especially evident in the brutal invasion of Panama, the obscene amounts military aid directed to the military dictators in El Salvador and elsewhere in the world, and the support of drug dealing, drug running, and political assassinations in Colombia by the American government reported earlier in the paper. The continuous battling of the Norse Gods is certainly one reflection of world politics.

Further Fenrir, the wolf that is attempting to devour the world, is a simple reflection of the rapacious consumption of the planetary resources. The Great Battle at the End of the World is over these resources, while simultaneously consuming them.

The War actually strengthens the Wolf, who is consuming the World. Like the Norse Gods, our Western leaders attempt to loot the resources of the planet, not because they are poor, needy or desperate, but for the challenge of the battle – the desire for excessive wealth and power. They strengthen Fenrir with each successive battle. Fenrir eats more and more. The Battles become more and more intense. Fenrir has now grown larger than the fighting gods.

They turn their attention to him. But it is too late. He has grown too big while they were fighting amongst themselves, Gods and Giants. He devours them and with them the rest of the world as we know it. This cataclysm leaves only a few left who start a new world, based hopefully on the peaceful message of Jesus, rather than the warlike message of the Vikings and the nationalism of the Old Testament.

This Viking mythology of the battling gods, the rise of the wolf Fenrir, and the End of the World is probably the dominant mythology for those of us who worship fertility over war. We are afraid that the ruling classes are bringing on ecological catastrophe due to their endless games of war.

Viking Words & Characters still used in English culture

As a concrete example of the influence of these Vikings or Norsemen, who came conquering, migrating from the cold icy north, some basic English words are directly derived from Norse mythology. North, South, East, & West were the gods of the four corners of the Universe. Night & Day, Sun & Moon were gods who ruled their respective domains. That we would adopt such basic words from their culture indicates what an important influence they exerted on our Anglo culture,

Further much of the fantasy behind English literature is derived from Norse mythology. Many of the characters of Tolkien’s Hobbit and Lord of the Ring are drawn directly from the Norse: for instance: the Dwarves, who mine gems from the interior of the earth – the Elves, who rule the woodlands – & the evil Goblins. Also runes were the symbols of the magical written language of the Vikings. The movie The Never Ending Story has an enormous wolf that attempts to devour the world. He is modeled on the Norse wolf, Fenrir, who seeks to kill Odin, which will trigger the end of the world.

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