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Wine for Health

I, don the waiter, began this paper in December 2001. It is based upon some well researched articles found in the December 15, 2001 issue of Wine Spectator.

1. Introduction
2. A Brief History of Wine
3. Historical overview of recent research on wine and health
4. Wine drinkers separated from beer and spirit drinkers
5. Wine & Health Graphs
6. Antioxidants in the Mediterranean diet
7. Oxidation of cells
8. Health Benefits from Antioxidants in Wine
9. If you eat a high fat diet you better drink red wine
10. Difference in Alcohol Consumption between Southern Europe and
11. French eat a higher quality animal fat than Americans
12. Stress kills by disturbing Organs
13. Anything that increases Stress on organs is bad for health
14. Drinking Wine contributes to happiness, which leads to health
15. Stress, fast foods and digestion
16. Wine drinkers live healthier than beer and spirit drinkers
17. Does consumption of wine lead to healthier life style?
18. Adapting to dietary momentum
19. Consumption and Activity Complexes
20. How the experience of Taste leads to enlightenment
21. Summary of the benefits of drinking wine with meals
22. Different scenarios of alcohol and food
23. Wine focuses Consciousness on the Now of Eating
24. Wine drinkers have healthier life styles