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7. Oxidation of cells

Why are these antioxidants so healthy? What do they do? To understand their function Let us have a brief discussion of cell oxidation.

Fast Oxidation of cells in serious diseases

Cell oxidation is a normal function of life. This is how we age. Cells oxidize and die and we get older. If this occurs at a normal pace everything is just fine, but if the process speeds up due to diet, life style or heredity, this leads to a rapid destruction of cells, which quickly degenerates into cancer, heart or brain disease, the serious diseases. Frequently these serious diseases are not a necessary part of aging but are instead due to behavior.

Antioxidants slow the oxidation of cells, put out the Fire

Some times the acceleration of the oxidation of cells begins slowly and then spreads fast like a wildfire, causing the destruction of organs or the deterioration of the brain. It is easy to see that anything that retards oxidation would slow the death process and could even prevent disease altogether. Many studies have demonstrated that antioxidants reduce the speed and level of oxidative stress, which kills cells and triggers disease especially cancer. Antioxidants are nature’s way of slowing the Fire of Time, by preventing cells from oxidizing, which is death.


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