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9. If you eat a high fat diet you better drink red wine

Reflecting upon all this data, we can say a few things about the health benefits of wine. First if you are going to eat a diet high in saturated fats, like the Americans and Northern Europeans tend to do, then, with your animal heavy meal, you better drink wine, preferably red.

The classic northern European meal high in saturated fat

The classic meal consumed by Americans, French, British, Danish and the rest of the Northern European countries, features a big chunk of flesh from some animal as its focal point. As such it is high in saturated fats. The highest prestige meal is associated with consuming a mammal – Filet Mignon from a cow, Venison from a deer, Pork Loin from a pig, or Lamb Loin from a baby sheep. Of course we sometimes feature birds, i.e. poultry such as of Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Goose, or even Squab.

Americans with their cowboy past like Cow meat the best

However for Americans with our big cattle ranches the best of the best is to have a big steak with mashed potatoes drenched in gravy and butter with vegetables sautŽed or drenched in butter, or perhaps deep fried potatoes, i.e. French fries. These potatoes are named for the French who might even add cheese, foie gras and beef marrow to their meal and then butter, eggs, cream, sugar and chocolate in various combinations for dessert.

Americans prefer fast food: cow and chicken

Many Americans, weaned on the fast food of Mac DonaldŐs hamburgers and Chicken Mac Nuggets, get their primary animal protein from Cow and Chicken. All other animals are a little suspect for the non-initiate, especially those animals that have been featured in a Disney cartoon or movie. This is a person whose diet revolves around the comfort food of America - Fast food hamburgers, Steak Houses, Take out pizza and Chinese food, canned vegetables and TV dinners. Nothing exotic here. Bland is in. Nothing too spicy or with any acid. The taste would be considered fat along with the content.

Americans drink milk, beer, spirits, and coffee

Anyway the American on this kind of nutritionally deficient diet complements their meal with beverages of cowŐs milk and soda pop, i.e. artificially flavored sugar water. The male of the species then drinks Beer, perhaps Budweiser, the King of Beers, while watching sports on TV with his deep fried chips. Then he drinks hard liquor, spirits, whiskey, when he goes out to a bar. Besides these evening drinks, he consumes gallons of coffee every year with his Steak and Eggs for breakfast. This life style is a recipe for disease, heart, organ or brain cancer. However most Americans donŐt want to give up their Steak and mashed potatoes with lots of butter.

French drink wine

While the French eat loads of high fat items such as cheese, butter and cream, they have 1/2 the rate of heart disease as do Americans. This has to do a variety of factors. The first, which has to do with liquid consumption, has been fairly widely publicized. The French, while consuming the same amount of saturated fat as Americans do, drink wine with their meal and consume very little beer and spirits especially compared to Americans. Nobody talks about French beers. Thus at least one reason that the French have less heart disease is because they drink red wine with their dinner.


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