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12. Stress kills by disturbing Organs

While the nutrients of wine have a proven health benefit, there is yet another side of wine which is healthy. It reduces stress. In part this has to do with intoxication and in part it has to do with the importance given to meal time. But first let us talk about the importance of stress on health.

Pockets of people globally with high fat diet, no wine, no heart disease

There are pockets of people living throughout the world consuming high fat diets and drinking no wine who have very low rates of heart disease. They tend to live in rural areas without all the ‘benefits’ of our fast paced civilization. These pockets exist in the Middle East, in China, in South America, and in Mexico. These pockets of people with high fat diets who drink no wine and have virtually no heart disease are all separate from the main population centers. They tend to live simpler lives outside the mainstream of our achievement driven, anxiety ridden Western culture. In certain rural areas of Mexico they have high levels of obesity related to their high fat diets but again heart disease and the other serious diseases are virtually non existent. They even talk about heart disease as the American disease.

Stress huge factor in disease

What’s the difference? Not diet. Not alcohol. Just lifestyle. The demands of our modern world tend to create more stress. One in three Americans suffer from hypertension, i.e. high blood pressure. While high blood pressure is aggravated by diet, it is also aggravated by emotional stress. From these findings that those with poor diets but little stress have no heart disease, we will speculate that stress is a higher risk factor than is diet upon the heart. Why?

Acids from stress plus fat molecules cause problems

Theory: the acids that are generated by stress combine with the high fats of a poor diet to create even higher risks for the body. Little fat globules by themselves cause relatively few problems but when they are combined with the acids from the stress they become deadly. Under this theory, worrying about being over weight is more poisonous than being overweight. The Mind disturbs the organs creating acids. These acids in combination with poor diet and lack of exercise constrict the blood vessels, leaving a corrosive residue on the walls that aggravates and infects the arteries, veins, and capillaries.

Muscles, tense from stress, hold onto shit

We start from the undocumented assumption that stress is the biggest threat to health because it upsets the organs – causing them to excrete acids and hormones – which inspire the muscles to contract in preparation for fight or flight. Coffee and cigarettes for breakfast aggravate this constant state of stress. This leads to a physical constipation especially in combination with a poor diet. A tense musculature will hold onto food in the intestinal system, not even wanting to let go of the shit that is polluting your bodily System. Let the Shit Out.

Constipation poisons the System

If you don’t let the shit out, Constipation follows, which further poisons the System, further stressing the liver and kidneys causing them to overwork. This is especially true if it is connected with alcohol. These organs must already work hard to purify the System of all the stress related acids generated internally. When alcohol is added the organs go on double overtime to deal with the acids of stress in addition to the alcohol, which is perceived as a toxin by the System. If there is no stress, then the organs can concentrate on purifying the blood stream of the normal pollutants that come their way. However if the organs are producing toxins and the muscles are contracting with fear, because of Mind induced fear of the future then the liver and kidneys must work overtime. Eventually they break down in some type of cancer, from over work and malnutrition - as would be expected.

Tense muscles contribute to hyper tension

Further these muscle contractions extend to the very blood vessels. Relaxation opens up the diameter of the veins, while tension closes it. The narrower the diameter of the blood vessels the higher the blood pressure. Thus muscular contraction, related with constant tension, contributes to constipation, which poisons the System, and high blood pressure, hypertension, which further overworks and stresses the System. Constantly on overdrive, the System finally crashes, the weakest link exposed - suddenly snapping from the constant strain - heart attack, stroke, arthritis, or cancer.

Stress aggravates organs to fight against selves

The point we’re making is that mental/emotional stress is the worst health factor because it aggravates the internal organs, which are supposed to be purifying the body of toxins. Working against themselves they get confused and breakdown. While a bad diet and lots of whiskey will create an incredible amount of external stress on the System, at least the Organs are not necessarily fighting themselves internally.


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