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13. Anything that increases Stress on organs is bad for health

This leads to this little rule. Anything that reduces internal stress is good for bodily health, while anything that increases this stress is bad. Remember that while this mental emotional stress is imaginary, that the stress on the internal organs is real. This illustrates that our distinctions of internal and external stress are somewhat artificial because of the inter-connection of all things. We are discussing processes rather than distinct events. Although the Web quivers together, we are looking at the parts separately. Any Stress, whether mentally or physically induced, which disturbs the organs unnecessarily, is unhealthy in terms of disease and longevity.

Anything that decreases Stress on organs is good for health

On the other hand anything that calms the organs, settles them down, is good. While disturbing, uncomfortable thoughts excite the organs, getting them to excrete poisonous acids, comfortable, contented, happy thoughts relax the organs, allowing them to do their job without creating extra work for themselves. We have evidence that wine enhances contentment, which surely leads to calmer healthier organs.

Internal stress, self induced from illusory mental projections

Let us break stress into its internal and external components. We have been discussing internal stress. The Mind interprets the central measures of the constant Data Stream negatively. It sends disturbing reports to the Organs causing them to excrete tension producing acids, preparing the Body for the Battle, which actually rarely ever happens. The acids, with nowhere to go and nothing to do, start causing havoc with the System. The liver sensing trouble starts the process of purification and elimination. Unfortunately the intestines are still afraid, bombarded by MindÕs negative projections, based upon data, which is overemphasized and relatively random. They hold onto this negative energy and wonÕt let it go. This negativity begins bouncing all around, accelerating with each new disturbing data bit.

Looking for trouble and hoping to find it

Now youÕre looking for trouble because you expect it and even want it to happen, so that then you would be right. See a disaster occurred I told you so. I was right. You laughed at me, but I told you this would happen, and it did - so there - But nothing happens quite as you imagined it - And even if you are right - according to whatever criterion you, Mind, have established - You have still created your own suffering through illusionary mental projections based upon false memories of the past. This is internal stress.

External dietary stress

There is another type of self induced stress. This has to do with the food and drink that we consume. While we have very little control over the circumstances of existence, we have some control over what we put in our body. If we consume garbage, it stresses our Organs in both digestion and elimination. This is external dietary stress. If we eat and drink a balanced diet this nourishes our body reducing food stress. Garbage causes dietary stress; a balanced diet alleviates it.

Wine, a good balance for European diet, because of polyphenols

In some ways this article has been casually exploring the best drink to balance the high meat diet that is so prevalent in Western culture. Thru numerous studies it has been demonstrated that wine is the healthiest beverage to consume with a European diet, whether northern or southern. WeÕve speculated that this is, at least partly, because of the high levels of polyphenols, a type of anti-oxidant, that occur naturally in wine, especially red.

Wine aids in digestion

Also Wine consumed with meals reduces stress by aiding in the digestion of the food. Wine in addition to neutralizing the MindÕs silly fantasizing - that most of us take for real - aids in the digestion of food - plus providing the aforementioned nutrients. Thus the wine reduces internal, i.e. mental stress, as well as external, bodily stress. It assists the operations of the body and mind. Liquor in a bar only helps the fight against the dominance of the mind while hurting the body.

Wine and food together good for body and mind

Wine also reduces internal stress through intoxication. Internally the Mind is playing mental games, getting the organs all upset, but then the Body demands food and wine. The food neutralizes the acids and the wine the mind. This stress reduction probably is of greater value than the nutrients in the wine. A sense of well being floods the body, the organs begin excreting positive tranquilizing acids and hormones rather than agitating ones. Thus this internal peace, which is encouraged by the combination of food and wine, is one of the most healthful aspects of wine because it reduces stress.

Alcohol independent of food neutralizes mind not body

This is not at all true with spirits consumed independently of food. Here the mind is similarly neutralized but the body is over aggravated by the alcohol on an empty stomach, especially if it happens too regularly with no relief, the body produces its own acids which will eventually upset the equilibrium of the System.

Food independent of alcohol neutralizes body but not the mind

Further the individual who doesnÕt drink wine but just has a good dinner, has neutralized his stomach acids temporarily but hasnÕt done anything about his overactive mind. While the calmed body can certainly help calm the mind, it is certainly not enough, as anyone will testify to who has woken up in the middle of the night worrying about something, or who has sat on the toilet hoping for a bowel movement.


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