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15. Stress, fast foods and digestion

Let us look a little closer at the meal time itself, independent of ingredients. Americans are streaming to fast food stands, eating frozen dinners, and processed food because they are in a hurry to watch TV. They are too busy to cook or eat leisurely because they have better things to do. Hence the stress begins with mealtimes themselves. Many Americans rush through their food and mealtime. This constant Rush also aggravates the System. With regular extended times set aside for meals the System is given time to enjoy the Moment in the midst of a busy Week. Taking time out every day to eat is like meditation, immersing oneself in the now of being. Rather than reading over breakfast to find out what is ‘really’ happening in the world, when it is happening right in front of you, enjoy the meal.

Americans in a rush don’t care about quality

This is also why Americans will put up with such substandard food because they are in such a hurry to finish and be off to work or TV land. Maybe eat while watching further minimizing the moment of food and drink. The sense of taste and smell are barely engaged, overwhelmed again by the visual sense.

Living a long time, full of diseases

Thus the fast food mentality, based upon minimizing meal time, combined with poor diet and poor liquids all contribute to America’s poor health, along with inactivity of course, which further disturbs digestion and elimination. Ironically Americans still live a long time because we have the best doctors in the world with the best medicines money can buy for High blood pressure - Chemotherapy for Cancer - Open heart surgery, brain surgery, and cancer surgery. Excellent treatment facilities for all of our diseases. If you can afford it. If you can’t they will treat you anyway after taking everything you own. Long disease ridden lives for those who rush their food and rush their lives.

Take the Time to Eat and Drink

Take Time to Eat and Enjoy your Food with a little Wine.

Sink into the Moment.

Realize the Unreality of your Mental Projections.

This will be good for your Body and Mind.


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