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16. Wine drinkers live healthier than beer and spirit drinkers

It is evident that drinking wine is positively correlated with health. However is wine the healthful component or is it the lifestyle that goes with the wine?

Wine drinkers have healthier lifestyle

To complicate matters another study came out of Denmark in 2000 based around 50,000 men and women. It was found that wine drinkers in general have a healthier life style. They smoke less, exercise more, have thinner hips and waist, a higher education, and consumed two times the fruit, vegetables, and olive oil than to do Beer & Spirit drinkers. In short Wine drinkers eat healthier, smoke less, and exercise more. This is also probably why Wine drinkers also have less throat and lung Cancer, and less hip fractures. Thus part of the reason, at least, that wine drinkers live longer is that they live healthier.

Wine drinkers live 3 years longer with less disease

From these studies it was calculated that light to moderate wine drinking increases life expectancy by about 3 years over those who don’t drink wine. While this is not so many years, the quality of life for those who drank wine was higher because they were able to avoid the diseases, which also diminish the quality of life, such as heart disease, strokes, and cancer.

‘Joie de vivre’ attitude is healthy

Plus it was just more fun. As contrasted with the non-drinkers, it is speculated that the wine drinkers have a more relaxed and less stressful life style. They enjoyed a sense of ‘savoir vivre’, as the French say ‘to be alive’, or the ‘joie de vivre’, the ‘joy of living’. They were not stressed out about achieving some goal because they were happy just to be alive. Enjoying good wine and food tends to encourage this attitude, as we have seen.


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