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19. Consumption and Activity Complexes

Wine leads to produce: Beer leads to pizza

Acid from wine assists digestion and so the stomach does not have to work as hard - Similarly with fresh produce. The System that has been using the assistance of the wine for digestion is similarly using the acids of fresh produce. Thus wine drinkers are more likely to prefer the bitterness of fresh. On the other hand those digestive systems that are fed loads of processed food and meat with very little fresh produce get used to producing lots of acid. Neither the acids of fresh produce nor the acids of wine are pleasurable for these types of stomachs. Drinking wine primes the stomach for fresh produce and fresh produce primes the stomach for wine. This is why wine drinkers tend to eat healthier than beer and liquor drinkers. The acids of wine ready the System for fresh produce. On the other hand the non-acidic grain based beer primes the stomach for starch like pizza. Fermented grapes lead naturally to fruit and vegetables, while fermented grains naturally lead to breads. Hard liquor really doesnŐt prime the palette or digestive system for any kind of food. It numbs the palette and upsets the stomach, and is almost always consumed separately from food.

Wine/Produce/Exercise, one complex: Beer/Grains/TV another

The consumption of wine contributes to the consumption of produce, which is healthier and lighter, while the consumption of beer leads to the consumption of grains, which are more sedentary and heavier. The consumption of liquor leads to instant intoxication - pure and simple. Thus the wine/produce diet tends to lead to more exercise because it is lighter and not so heavy or intoxicated as the others. None of these correlations is in any way absolute. Indeed they only represent tendencies. These are just complexes of behavior and consumption which seem to be complementary. The wine/produce/exercise/experience is one complex, while the beer/grains/sedentary/TV is another, and the liquor/intoxication cycle is another.

Smoking cigarettes linked with processed food

Although many wine drinkers smoke, the two donŐt go hand in hand at all. As mentioned the sense of taste and smell is very important for the appreciation of wine. Cigarette smoking dulls these senses. Indeed because of the sensory numbing of cigarettes, smoking and processed foods go hand in hand because processed foods tend to minimize tastes to be acceptable to a larger group. The bitterness of Fresh is a little too controversial.

Processing knocks the fresh edges off

Indeed in any processing the taste edges are knocked off by necessity. Like snowflakes, they are too fragile to last very long. In the processing of fresh to preserved, these sharp edges are one of the first things to go. Nothing like fresh fish eaten immediately after it has been caught - nothing like tomatoes ripe from the vine, or an orange that has just fallen off the tree. Fresh fruit and vegetables and a breath of fresh air - I want to freshen up - maybe a shower and a new set of clothes. Anyway the fresh pinnacles are immediately lost when preserved or processed to be preserved.

Fresh and exercise arenŐt in complex with smoking

But this doesnŐt matter if one smokes frequently, because oneŐs nose and mouth are deadened by the tar and nicotine and canŐt taste or smell the fresh anyway. Thus the fresh taste is wasted upon cigarette smokers. Processed food is just fine for the smoker who canŐt tell the difference. The smoker will more likely be a processed food eater drinking beer and spirits rather than a fresh produce eater drinking wine. Thus processed foods and other things without as much flavor and taste are in the smokerŐs complex. Further because the smoking certainly lowers oneŐs lung capacity and hence physical vitality, there is a tendency not to exercise as much. Because smokers exercise less, non-smokers exercise more. Thus exercise is also not in the smoker category.


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