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21. Summary of the benefits of drinking wine with meals

Let us summarize the many health benefits of wine, as enumerated in this paper.

Ethanol in wine good for heart; Polyphenols in wine fight disease

First wine as a liquid that contains alcohol also contains ethanol, which acts as a blood thinner. Hence drinking wine reduces the rate and incidence of heart disease. Wine is healthy for the heart. Second wine, especially red wine, contains polyphenols. These are a type of antioxidants that fight the rapid cell oxidation which many times leads to disease and premature death. Wine contains components that counteract cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Wine, a healthier drink than beer or spirits

Spirits and beer do not contain these antioxidants. In connection with these two finding, it has been found that in countries with a high meat diet that wine drinkers tend to live longer disease-free lives than do those who donÕt drink wine. While those who drink no alcohol have higher disease rates than wine drinkers they have lower cancer rates than do beer and whiskey drinkers. In terms of alcoholic beverages, wine appears to be a much healthier drink than beer or whiskey.

The French Paradox explained by wine consumption

The phenomenon called the French Paradox supports this theory. The paradox is that the French have significantly less heart disease than Americans although they consume the same amount of saturated fat. Modern researchers suggest that this has primarily to do with consuming wine versus beer and liquor, grape based versus grain based alcohol.

French consume much higher quality fat than Americans

While this is part of the explanation, we saw that there are other factors as well why the French have a significantly lower rate of heart disease than Americans. The French consume a much healthier level of fat than do Americans. While Americans prefer deep fried foods, whether fries, chips, fish or chicken, the French prefer roasts and sautˇs. We saw that fat is another general term which masks underlying differences in types of fats. Some fats are healthy while others are unhealthy. Deep fried kills, virgin olive oil rejuvenates.

Mind Stress disturbs the Organs - the biggest health risk of all

We then explored the idea that stress is a greater factor in degenerative disease than is amount of fat, wine, or alcohol consumed. We speculated that this had to do with Mind disturbing the internal Organs with scary stories. Like little kids they become frightened and begin excreting the wrong kind of fluids at the wrong time - wetting their beds or soiling their pants, so to speak. We saw that the main problem was that the deductive Left Brain, Mind, had taken control of the Person, when he was just supposed to be the Servant of Being. Because the thinking Mind was creating problems, it was suggested that anything that neutralized his power would be good because it would allow Being to emerge to enjoy the ecstasy of the Moment.

Alcohol reduces Mind stress

In this context it was suggested that the alcohol in wine, acting as an intoxicant and a depressant, limited awareness, which dimmed the future and the past. Because the future and past are the domains of Mind, his power is neutralized. Because the realm of Being is Now, her inherent power is augmented. Hence it was speculated that alcohol as an intoxicant neutralizes the world and power of the deductive word addicted Mind. With Mind out of the way, Being in the Now naturally assumed control.

Too much alcohol and Mind is obliterated, not good either

Unfortunately Being really does need Mind as her Advisor. Hence she really just wants to relax and soften him up; she doesnÕt want to vanquish him. He is too useful, except when he becomes too dominant. Unfortunately many times Mind is so hard that he will only relinquish control is when he is completely knocked out. This is when the Person is drunk. Thus while alcohol is effective in neutralizing the Mind, it can easily get out of control in the wrong circumstances.


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