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22. Different scenarios of alcohol and food

What are those circumstances? We set up the scenario of a group of hungry anxiety-ridden People whose Mind was in control, generating all sorts of negative scenarios, scaring their poor little sensitive Organs to death.

Alcohol and no food: Regrets

One group was given alcohol on an empty stomach. While this effectively neutralized Mind, it disturbed Body, and things were done that would be regretted later when Consequences came into play.

No alcohol/no food: degenerative diseases from stress

A second group was given nothing. While they didnŐt do anything they would regret, most developed all the serious diseases later in life, including arthritis, heart disease and cancer, although they ate well and drank no alcohol. The Mind is a mean master. But it is not his fault, he was abused as a child, by other Minds, of course.

Some achieve self realization

In this second group a small percentage of the group achieved self-realization. In most cases the Person sought quietude as some kind of solace from the torments of Mind. In the midst of quietude, in the dark of the Closet, Being emerged spontaneously as an equal partner in the relationship. This small group became Bodhisattvas, working for the salvation of Beings everywhere from the domination of Mind.

Food and no alcohol: much healthier

In the third group, the Persons were given food but no alcohol. This group was much healthier than the group with no food, living longer and healthier on the average. However because their Mind was still a bit too dominant, they still succumbed to many serious diseases although not as quickly or as frequently as those without food to settle the acids.

Spirits with food: poor digestion and stomach problems

The fourth group was given spirits with dinner, which didnŐt allow them to digest their food as well. They all died of cirrhosis of liver, stomach cancer and ulcers.

Wine with food: Body acids neutralized as well as mental stress

The fifth group was given wine with the meal. The food neutralized the acids that the organs had created when they had been disturbed by Mind. Further the alcohol in the wine neutralized Mind, allowing Being to emerge. Because of the Food, Mind was just relaxed, not out of commission, and the Person never did anything that they would regret later. The individual gloried in the moment and blessed his god or gods for his existence.


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