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23. Wine focuses Consciousness on the Now of Eating

Most Food assists in absorbing the poisonous acids generated by Organs terrified by Mind. Wine helps to digest food, spirits inhibit the digestion of food. Diners donÕt drink liquor with dinner for that reason; it diminishes the enjoyment of the food because it tends to fight digestion instead of assist it like wine does. While these factors are purely physical, which can be analyzed in terms of amounts of different substances - more acid/less acid - more or less nutrients - more or less fat - good or bad fat - there is another component to wine that alleviates stress and encourage a healthier life style. Drinking wine with the meal tends to focus Consciousness on the Now of Eating. The Diner tends to become lost in the immensity of the Moment, his senses bombarded by complex tastes, fragrances, and textures. Wine neutralizes his word-addicted Mind, who tends to dwell in the past and future. With the assistance of intoxication the Diner luxuriates in his protective bubble unaware that anything else exists.

Fine Dining of the French versus Fast Food of Americans

In terms of the factors behind the French Paradox, we saw that the French drink wine, while Americans drink beer and whiskey. The French also eat a higher quality fat, sautˇs and roasts, while Americans favor Deep Fried fat. A third factor contributing to the lower rate of heart disease among the French is that they favor Dining while Americans prefer Fast Food Dinners and export this life style world wide. Dining reduces Mind induced stress while Fast Food augments it. We saw that the speed and quality of the fast food meal actually accelerates one away from the protective bosom of Mama Now. Instead of luxuriating in the Now, one is rushed thru it so fast that it is like living on a freeway, rushing ever onward to some unknown destination on some vague mission with an equally uncertain motivation. However swept away by the flood of humanity flowing by, one is lost in the Flood of bad food, tasteless drinks and meaningless entertainment, wondering where your life went and what it was all about - But maybe a sudden stroke or heart attack spares you the misery of self reflection upon a life wasted in the mainstream of the surface of things.

Uniqueness of wine enlivens taste - sameness of fast food deadens taste

Each bottle of wine has a unique taste based upon terroire, i.e. a combination of climate and geography. Each bottle of wine changes from the moment it opens until it is finished. The wine itself also tastes differently dependent on what food it is consumed with. These nuances further pull the Diner into the Now, opening his senses and closing his deductive Mind so that he can fully experience the Wine unobstructed by the mental filter created by words. On the other hand the sodas, French fries and hamburgers of Fast food are always the same, as exactly as possible. Instead of awakening Being, it puts her to sleep for lack of stimulation. The Left Brain taking advantage moves ahead rapidly into his mental fantasies of more important things to do.


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