Book 1: The Rise & Fall of Southeast Asia's Empires




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This work is the first half of the story of Southeast Asia. The tale begins in 320 million BCE with the tectonic development of the region and finishes in 1500 CE with the arrival of the Europeans. Southeast Asia is the prime narrator, but cultures and countries are allowed to speak their piece.

'Part I: Introduction to Southeast Asia & her Prehistory' starts with the tectonics that led to the regions's geography follows with the prehistoric cultures that inhabited Southeast Asia.

'Part II: Southeast Asia's Mainland Empires' examines the political and religious development of the 'Indianized' nations of the mainland with a special emphasis on the Khmer Empire at Angkor.

'Part III: The Ramayana & the Mahabharata' analyzes the Hindu novels that had such a huge cultural impact upon the cultures of Southeast Asia.

'Part IV: Southeast Asia's Island Empires' focuses upon the indigeneous mandala empires of the islands.

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