Book 2: Colonialism & Freedom:
Southeast Asia (1511-2014)


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Southeast Asia: "This is the 2nd book in the series devoted to telling my life's story. The first dealt with my religion, history, politics, and art until the arrival of the Europeans in 1511 CE. Although the first book focused upon many aspects of my culture, this book deals primarily with the political history of my area in the last half millenium.

On the surface, this unusual work seems to be a history book. Because I am the narrator, the book could also be considered an autobiography. Perhaps it is most accurate to view this literary piece as historical fiction as cultures, nations and even the international business community, a.k.a the Cartel, voice their unique perspectives.

The work begins by examining my special Southeast Asian civilization prior to the Europeans. The remainder of the work is divided into 4 parts.

'Part V: The Aryans: Europe’s Ancestors' explores the nature of the Aryans, ancestors of European culture. The time period is roughly prehistoric to 1500 CE.

'Part VI: The European Invasion' examines the historical events surrounding the colonization of my Southeast Asian territories – roughly 1500 to 1900.

'Part VII: Breaking Free from Western Colonialism' deals with the process by which each Southeast Asian country attained freedom from their colonial oppressors (≈1900 to 1990).

'Part VIII: A View from the New Millennium' examines what has happened to each Southeast Asian nation in the last quarter century (≈1990 to 2014).

For more details, check out the Chapters. The webpage contains links to the text. This the 1st edition was completed on October 24, 2014.