Chapter 27: Biblical Empire Fractures over Language

Staking claims


Malacca: “The Portuguese, a classic Aryan Christian military aristocracy, conquered me in 1511. Deriving from the Western European feudal system they were more militarily fit than I was. After all I was just a global trading center based upon money, cooperation and prestige. I had never been a military power. I had relied upon Chinese protection and my Muslim connection to establish myself as a major political force.

To indicate my importance during my golden age, my small empire, complete with vassal states, was included as one of the 5 most important political powers in Southeast Asia prior to the European invasion. Here is the list.






Thai Ayutthaya


1400- 1511




Collapse with the rise of Muslim

Portuguese invasion

British invasion

French invasion

Burmese invasion/capital to Bangkok

However I was not just another port, or city-state, kingdom or Empire, like the rest. I was the spreading center for a new way of life, Islam, for our part of the world.

But I’m living in the past. The Portuguese invasion abruptly ended my reign and influence, permanently. Ah, such is the transitory nature of existence. However the Portuguese were to be afflicted with the same disease.”

Western Europe: “How true. Within a decade after my people entered your part of the world, a small fire started back at home, which was to have international ramifications. This tiny blaze turned into a raging forest fire called the Protestant Reformation. I guess we’re not quite done with the topic of Christianity.

At the time of the Portuguese invasion my cultures of Western Europe were still unified under the branch of Christianity called Catholicism with its center in Rome. Although there was continual infighting - as would be expected of an Aryan derivative culture based upon the glorification of war derived from the supremacy of the warrior class, my diverse groups of humans were still united militarily against the rest of the world, which at the time was Muslim. So when my Portuguese began conquering your part of the world, it was an extension of the Holy War against the Muslim religion that had begun with the Crusades nearly 500 years earlier.

The immediate result was that my primary conquistadors of this time, Spain and Portugal, didn’t fight each other - except on a limited basis. After they staked their claims the only dispute between these two powers was concerning who was there first or what were the exact boundaries. Having arrived first in the New World Spain laid claim to the southern 2/3 of the hemisphere - from Mexico south, with the exception of Brazil, which Portugal had claimed first.”

Southeast Asia: “And in my part of the world, Portugal claimed all of my territory with the exception of the Philippines, which Spain had conquered first. Of course, their territorial claims had to be backed up with military might because my people were still living there. Thus once claimed the extent of their ownership was based upon their ability to conquer and control - which was only limited to my busiest trading ports - at first.

This whole territorial idea was foreign to my people. Claiming me was like claiming your mother. Based on a mandala political system, as we were, the boundaries of my human inhabitants were constantly shifting. Claiming land that someone else was living on seemed like such an odd idea - probably a throwback to the idea of Promised Land developed in the Bible.”

Biblical: “Of course. If Jehovah wills it then its mine - regardless of prior ownership. That’s the way this world works. He who has the mightiest god of war gets the land.”

Southeast Asia: “The Chinese had always used bribery to get my people to join her Empire and the Indians had been too busy with their own affairs to try to invade. We had been pretty much left alone by our powerful neighbors. Except for some low level infighting, most of our conflicts had been over who was offering the best deal. So when the Portuguese came with their guns, their priests and their claims my long term inhabitants were overwhelmed - never having experienced such subjugation in their entire history. But at least the Portuguese tried to get us to join their system. The Dutch who followed simply wanted to exploit my people.”

Catholic Works vs. Protestant Work

Western Europe: “Ah, that Christian Protestantism - with its work ethic combined with the Gospel of Wealth.”

Southeast Asia: “Gospel of Wealth? What will these humans think of next?”

Western Europe: “Amazing, isn’t it. The Catholicism that had bound my humans together for close to a thousand years was somewhat based around the idea that proper Belief combined with good Works would get you into Heaven. The Protestantism that followed held to the same requirement of proper Belief but changed the good Works to hard Work. Neither one stressed Understanding.”

Catholic: “Of course. Understanding just gets in the way. Leave that to the experts, the Church hierarchy - priests and their like. Stick with Beliefs and Good Works and no one will get hurt. Besides it’s easier that way. You don’t have to think. We’ll do the thinking for you. All you have to do is pay your taxes, er I mean tithes, to the Church and recognize our authority. It’ll be good for the whole community because we’ll all get along. And if you don’t cooperate and actually start thinking - Well woe to you. Excommunication from the community and worse.”

Southeast Asia: “I understand Belief, but Good Works?”

Catholic: “Good Works are defined as charitable works towards your fellow human being, which could include conversion, whether they like it or not. Good works also includes anything that was done for the welfare of the Church. This included time spent, donations of property or money, and creating or contributing to the construction of monasteries, nunneries, churches, or cathedrals.”

Southeast Asia: “With this emphasis upon Good Works, I imagine that your leaders must have ruled in an enlightened fashion towards the populace.”

Catholic: “Uh, perhaps. But even if they didn’t, they could always go to Confession, or maybe make it up with a generous donation to the Church. Failing these they could resolve everything on their deathbed with our Last Rites. But overall our leaders were following God’s Will.”

Protestant: “Not really. That’s why we emerged. Getting into Heaven had little to do with being a moral person for the Catholic leaders. Belief and Good Works towards the Church - Catholic of course - the only Church of the day, were enough to obtain a ticket to Heaven. No matter how many people or cultures their dissolute aristocracy had exploited, they could always buy their way into Heaven, No matter if they had sold their own people into slavery, if they confessed and made an appropriate contribution to the Church, even if this was done on their deathbed, they were saved and went to Heaven. This supposedly because of the compassion of Jesus Christ our Savior, who had sacrificed himself and gone to Heaven himself as the son of God to save sinners everywhere.

The idea that Jesus, and by extension God, was compassionate enough to forgive transgressions is a good idea. However when this concept was taken to extremes it led to flagrant abuse. Dukes, princes, kings, priests, bishops, cardinals and popes, who, by any normal definition of morality, were degenerate power mongers with no respect for their fellow humans, were allowed entrance to Heaven by virtue of last minute confessions and contributions. Indeed a Catholic priest was always around at battles so that soldiers could participate in their last rites and enter Heaven no matter how many innocent people he had killed.

Note that this distortion and corruption of the original meaning of good works towards one’s fellow human and compassion for sinners didn’t occur immediately but had just become the vogue in the last few centuries. This excuse for immoral behavior was combined with taking advantage of poor Catholics by selling them indulgences to get their loved ones into Heaven after death. This fell in the category of Good Works for the Church.

After this little fever of abuse of privilege had turned into raging delirium - all excused and pardoned by the Catholic Church as long as generous donations were made, we finally began waking up to the abusive relationship. There had already been some random sparks of dissatisfaction, which had been brutally extinguished. But enough was enough. When Martin Luther posted his Protest in 1521, the smoldering flames turned into a raging forest fire. And our Protestant movement was born.

To curb the abuse of the works loophole, we closed it altogether. No longer could you bribe your way into Heaven with a generous donation to the Church. Now you had to work your way into Heaven. For God rewards those who Believe and Work hard.”

Catholic: “However because Works were out as a path to Heaven, charity to one’s fellow man was also out. No longer was it necessary to help others to get ahead with your Protestant God. ”

Protestant: “The one God, you pagan idol worshipper. As Jesus said - God takes care of the birds and the flowers, so He will also take care of the Poor. It’s not our responsibility anymore. Our God - the one true God - helps those who help themselves. God rewards those who work hard.”

Author: “But the serfs and peasants have always worked hard but have never been rewarded by wealth in this lifetime. How do you deal with this logical problem with your system based upon faith, which is attempting to be logical?”

Protestant: “Hmmm? I think one of our leaders came up with the solution to this dilemma. Obviously if God rewards those who work hard and believe and he hasn’t rewarded the serfs and peasants, it is because he doesn’t like them as well. They are not the Chosen Ones, referred to in the Bible. We are not going to say what they have done to earn His displeasure for His ways are mysterious, but obviously He must not like them that well because he has not rewarded them with Wealth.

Extending this logical chain a little further: if our Protestant God - the only God, of course - for the Catholics worship a false God, doesn’t like poor people that well because He hasn’t rewarded them, then it must mean He must love rich people because they have been rewarded materially. The wealthy and powerful must be the Chosen Ones because He has given them riches beyond imagining.”

Author: “Never mind that Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go Heaven.”

Protestant: “Remember His words and behavior aren’t that important – except when we say they are. Belief in His Miracle and Hard Work are, of course, the main thing. However unlike the Catholics, we are firmly rooted in the Bible. We will choose phrases and catchwords that will support the logic of our system, which has replaced the illogical Catholic system. This is the Gospel of Wealth. Makes perfect sense to me.

The Chosen are the Wealthy. Consequently anything one can do to become wealthy - by working hard, of course, is ratified by God. By extension if God has allowed us to exploit entire populations of foreign cultures He must have wanted us to do this or He would not have allowed it to happen because He is almighty and powerful. Alternately if He has allowed them to be exploited it must be for their ultimate benefit because God is compassion, with his son Jesus the embodiment of this noble spirit.”

Author: “How was your God being compassionate when he allowed the European cultures and their descendants to enslave and murder the indigenous peoples of the world?”

Protestant: “It’s unfathomable to me, but His ways are mysterious.”

Fertility exposes Aryan’s disguise

Fertility: “You Aryan war lords, disguised as Protestants and Catholics, are so addicted to your words that supposedly come from the Bible, but actually come from your religious establishment, that you have left common standards of human decency behind. Suppose the Devil rules this system of things. Then the rulers of this temporal system are worshippers of the Devil rather than the true God.”

Aryan, the Protestant and Catholic war lords combined: “Blasphemer! Let us put our petty differences aside for the moment and burn this Witch at the stake. Come on everyone. She is attacking Christianity, the one true religion. Get her.”

Fertility: “Hey guys. Don’t listen to the wealthy and powerful. They are exploiting you as much as they are exploiting me. They are just using fancy words couched in Biblical phrases to entice you into being their mindless slaves. Then they put you into their armies to fight their wars of exploitation against innocent cultures all over the world.”

Aryan, the Rich and Powerful: “Don’t listen to her - if you know what’s good for you. After all she is just a Woman. I think she is a Witch, if you know what I mean. And you will burn her at the stake, because God is on our side. It’s obvious or he wouldn’t have put me in charge.”

Fertility: “Resist this insanity. This is the same excuse that has been used by the powerful for thousands of years all over the planet. Join together to throw off your chains.”

Aryan: “Burn her as a witch. She is obviously dangerous to our culture, our way of life, our religion, our God. She is obviously an agent of the Devil and deserves to die. Join together as one culture to tie her down and violate her with our holy staff. She deserves to be immolated for threatening the Divine Order, which has placed me on top.”

Fertility: “No, stop! This is madness. I am your grandmother, your mother, your wife, your daughter, your Lover. I gave birth to you, nurtured you, raised you to adulthood by providing you with my unconditional love.”

Aryan: “Help her out by silencing her. She is obviously possessed by the Devil. Exterminate her.”

Fertility: “Aieeeeee!!”

Eurasia discovers that Aryan prefers War

Eurasia: “To indicate how out of touch with their emotions my Western Europeans were, they burned hundreds of thousands of women at the stake during this period of lunacy. They were the only culture ever to wage war on defenseless women.”

Southeast Asia: “Unfortunately the lunacy came my way in waves. The Portuguese wave, while brutal, at least attempted to include us in their game. The Dutch wave that followed showed no such compunction. Following their Gospel of Wealth to the letter of the law, ignoring any innate feelings of universal morality, they immediately aligned with the wealthy and powerful of my world.”

Aryan, the Protestant: “Obviously they must have been chosen by God if they were in charge. For God has determined the course of the World. Everything that happens is meant to happen and allowed to happen because of Him. Because God is good everything that happens is always for the best.”

Eurasia: “Rape, murder, torture, genocide and enslavement are for the best?”

Aryan Protestant: “His Ways are beyond human understanding. At least no one is buying their way into Heaven. If you have money you automatically go to Heaven.”

Eurasia: “As always politics were mixed with a genuine need for reform. The rich and powerful immediately co-opted and distorted the Protestant movement, just as they had Catholicism before, just as the Romans had co-opted Christianity before them, and just as the Persians had co-opted the Muslim faith some where in-between. The rich and powerful, while not known for their moral behavior, are specialists at maintaining their place of privilege.”

Aryan: “You’re just jealous.”

Eurasia: “Not me. I’m just a landmass. I’m just observing the behavior of my children, you humans. I’m trying to understand your motivations and justifications in your ruthless exploitation of each other, when it seems like it would be so much more pleasant to try to get along.”

Aryan: “But then we miss out on the high drama of War. We humans love the emotional intensity that comes from cultural battles.”

Eurasia: “Some humans, especially those of you who are leaders - with your Aryan roots. Afraid of honest work, you would rather take than trade.”

Aryan: “You underestimate us. We work hard at our militarism and our economic imperialism. It is not easy. Especially when people start getting along. This is why we love the Old Testament so much - with Jehovah, the war god, on the side of the righteous. He’s perfect. He’s always on the winning side, because he has allowed them to win. Splitting into multiple Biblical sects was ideal as this fueled wars for thousands of years - with the Chosen of one sect fighting against the Chosen of another to determine which side God was really on.”

Eurasia: “Interestingly most of your splits occurred along language lines.”

Aryan: “Of course. It’s much easier to hate someone speaking a foreign language accompanied by a foreign culture. The Protestant Catholic split occurred along this fracture, just like the Christian church had 500 years earlier.”

Eurasia: “What about Jesus’ message that everyone could belong - prostitutes, children, and even tax collectors?”

Aryan: “We immediately changed that to mean that only those who believed in Jesus as the Son of God could belong.”

Eurasia: “But why? Everyone could have gotten along so easily if everyone was included.”

Aryan: “This differentiation was a necessity. How could we wage war if everyone was included?”

Eurasia: “But why wage war when it only generates death and destruction?”

Aryan: “Quite simple actually. If we couldn’t wage war, then our warrior class became secondary. Our privileges were questioned, and we became common soldiers rather than Emperors of the World. This would never do.”

Eurasia: “You like to feel powerful?”

Aryan: “Of course. Doesn’t everyone? Our Belief criterion was perfect. It instantly excluded the Gnostics who were always questioning - especially our right to rule. This allowed us to immediately neutralize their influence and power through mass exterminations, just as if they were insects. This was exceedingly important because they were bringing the world together through their belief in tolerance, the rights of women, and their dreaded pacifism. They were horrible and had to go.”

Eurasia: “Questioning is bad?”

Aryan: “The worst. It always ends up disturbing the status quo, which I’m in charge of. By the way you’re certainly asking a lot of questions. Do you Believe?”

Eurasia: “I’m just a landmass, who’s trying to find out why my humans are so mean to each other.”

Aryan: “That’s easy. It adds excitement, drama, and meaning to their drab lives.”

Eurasia: “Are you sure that its not your life that lacks real meaning. My children in Southeast Asia seemed to be doing pretty well until your descendants came along.”

Aryan: “To save them from a life of endless boredom by adding a little conflict. An opportunity for growth.”

Eurasia: “Whatever.”

Aryan: “Our Belief criterion was an ideal war generator. The Jews who might have believed in Jesus’ teachings but didn’t believe that he was the Son of God were also excluded from participation in a religion based on their own Bible. The Jews, whose written language, Hebrew, and spoken language were both Semitic languages in the Afro-Asiatic family, were now permanently separated religiously from my Indo-European speakers of Rome and Greece. This was the first language split. What a masterstroke that turned out to be! What conflicts it has led to. It thrills me to think about the endless conflicts in the Middle East between the Arabic and Hebrew branches of the Semitic family – who actually have a lot in common.”

Eurasia: “Let’s back up a little. Prior to the conversion of your Roman branch of Aryanism to the Bible of Christianity couldn’t anyone of any cultural or religious persuasion belong to your Roman Empire?”

Aryan: “Sure. As long as they paid their taxes to our government and supported our wars with money and bodies.”

Eurasia: “But after your conversion only Christians, who truly Believed, could belong. Why the change?”

Aryan: “This was a great criterion for distinguishing Us from Them, which then allowed Us to wage war on Them. Our Christian Roman Empire initially included a diversity of cultures, including tribes speaking Arabic. Everything was going too smoothly. Peace was breaking out everywhere. We warriors began getting bored and losing our prestige. But then Mohammed changed all that. He united those speaking Arabic behind the Muslim faith. This was a second split based upon language family, but not the last.

The Arabs conquered the Persians converting them to Islam. Then Islam split into Shiite and Sunni, also along linguistic lines, Arabic and Persian, or Farsi, which is in the Indo European family. So now we had four variants of the same religion fighting each other over who had the True God, and so who deserves to have the Great Nation promised in the Old Testament. Of course the only way to determine which is the true God is on a field of battle, where the winner is obviously the one with the superior God. This inspired quite a few wars. We of the military aristocracy were happy again. We all had jobs again.

But this was far from the last linguistic religious split. Next the western and eastern branch of my Indo-European family split with each other over politico religious reasons. The western branch which included both the Romance and Germanic languages of Western Europe split from the Greek and Slavic language cultures of Eastern Europe. This was when the Catholic Church in Rome split from the original Christian Church - now called Eastern Orthodox, centered in Constantinople.

A few hundred years later a new language family was added to this mix, Turkish - in the Altaic family of the Steppes. They came with the religiously tolerant Mongol wave and stayed - converting to the religiously intolerant Biblical religion of Islam. It was great. What a nice mix of wars we had then. Turkish Muslims fighting Persian and Arab Muslims over who had the correct interpretation of the same Books. This mixed with the 2 European Christians sects, east and west, fighting each other and the Muslims over who was really God’s Chosen People. Heaven!

But after a few more centuries things began degenerating in Europe. During the Renaissance we didn’t have any real wars between ourselves for a while and the Crusades against the Muslims were petering out. We were getting restless for the drama of conflict. That’s when the wars of the Protestant Reformation broke out. This was the final religious- linguistic split - into the Germanic and Romance languages. This was great - war without end between cultures that all believed in the same Bible, but each of whom felt that theirs was the one true God. It was fabulous for we Aryan rulers. As military overlords we were able to assume dictatorial powers to protect national security or go to war anytime there was any threat of military aggression from any culture speaking a different language and who was trying to prove that the God of the Old Testament was on their side by giving them victory in battle. Life was good.

God works in mysterious ways to reward the righteous – like myself of course. The multitude of cultures that belonged to the territories that were previously part of the tolerant polytheistic Roman Empire - whose only requirement for entry to citizenship was to pay taxes and fight in their wars, had now split along language lines into 7 different parts. Of course each of these 7 language cultures based upon the Bible believed that they belonged to the one true Church, which worshipped the one True God with their one True Religion which was going to be rewarded with a Great Nation because He, their one and only True God, was going to support them in battle against those worshipping false gods with their false religions. And of course battle was the only way to settle these disputes. God was obviously on the side of the culture that won. Our Biblical cultures got a lot of experience fighting each other over their religious differences. In so doing we honed our battle skills - becoming specialists on military matters, and were able to easily dominate the innocent cultures we encountered.”

Germanic Christianity = Protestantism

Southeast Asia: “That’s what happened when you reached my part of the world.”

Aryan: “Yes my Western Europeans were able to conquer your ports relatively easily. After all they had been practicing their fighting skills against the warriors of Islam for hundreds of years. Your people had just been trading. They were ripe for the picking.”

Southeast Asia: “But the aggression of your people is thrown back upon themselves - making life miserable for everyone. Even as your people were conquering me, they were splitting into two incredibly hostile factions. Violence breeds violence. We couldn’t even tell the difference between the two rival clans - which seemed to hate each other so much.”

Aryan: “Roughly speaking my Western European humans split their cultures into north and south. Those speaking the Germanic languages lived in the north and went Protestant. Those speaking the Romance languages lived in my southern regions and remained Catholic.”

Southeast Asia: “Why is that?”

Aryan: “This division created many more opportunities for war. My leaders were getting bored.”

Southeast Asia: “Was there any difference between the two - other than language?”

Aryan: “Definitely. I’ll let Germanic Aryan the Protestant - one of my many descendants - tell you a little about himself.”

Germanic: “Thanks Dad. Prior to Christianity, my cultures believed that the enslaved serf class was an inferior species to the warrior class. After our conversion to Christianity this attitude carried over into our treatment of the lower classes. My descendants - the German princes and English lords and American industrialists, regularly conscripted, coerced, stole or sold the human beings from their working classes into their Armies to support their Wars. Then these same heirs to my militaristic traditions, the Protestant upper classes - who spoke languages in my branch of the Indo European family - and who considered themselves of another species from their lower classes - extended this same attitude to the cultures we encountered.

This was, of course, compounded and reinforced by our Biblical background. Not the New Testament teachings of Jesus - Heavens No! - Except where they fit in. We only use the Old Testament. It was what attracted us to Christianity in the first place. Jesus' attitude towards pacifism and social equality has always made us uncomfortable. We have always been much more at home with the militant God of the Old Testament. We loved his style. Extermination of opposing cultures.”

‘Kill them all!’ yelled the Prophets. ‘Spare no one.’

It sent chills up my spine.

We also liked the supremacy of the male highlighted first in the story of Adam of Eve but then carried through the whole work - except for that Jesus. He keeps getting in the way. But that’s OK. We only needed him as the necessary connection between our military aristocracy and the Jewish Old Testament with their sky god Jehovah. After all we had also worshipped a sky god, but the Jews had excluded us from their elite group. Jesus changed all that. Now we are obviously the elite group - the Chosen Ones. We are marching off to our Promised Land, the World, to deliver his message that he who believes is given a great nation. That’s obviously us. What a great fit, Germanic Aryanism with the Protestant interpretation of the Bible. Our descendant Hitler will carry this philosophy to its logical culmination.”

Southeast Asia: “Now your relation to my people makes a lot more sense. The Catholic nations speaking the Romance languages were brutal and ruthless but at least they allowed us to join their group. Note the attempts by St. Francis Xavier to convert us. Note the attempts by the monks and priests of Spain and Portugal to convert the Indians of the Americas. While there were many atrocities committed in the name of the Catholic Church there were also many attempts made by the Catholic missionaries to assist the survival of the indigenous population in the face of the expansion of your militarily dominant culture. This was quite different from your Germanic Protestant Aryan derivative cultures, which treated the indigenous cultures like their herds.”

Germanic: “Of course. Your people - if you could call them that, are closer to savage and wild animals that needed to be domesticated to serve their master - their lords - the nobility. My Dutch descendants had this attitude in your part of the world, and my English descendants exhibited this same attitude in the New World as well. They made no attempt to convert the local tribes to Protestantism. When the English discovered the difficulty in enslaving the local populations they merely exterminated or evacuated them.

According to our true religion this was obviously God’s will that we should domesticate these savage beasts - who were obviously just a little above animals. After all they don’t even have teatime, or celebrate Christmas or Easter. They have no big cities or pollution. While their art is of a high quality they always choose these inferior pagan themes - no Biblical messages, which support our military aristocracy. We’ll bring them European culture, although it may take generations, if ever, for them to rise to be our equal. After all they have been savages for so long that it will be hard to break their bad habits.”

Southeast Asia: “So the Catholics came with their Romance languages, the Portuguese from west and the Spanish from the east, with their soldiers and priests to convert us. We thought that they were bad, but these were the good old days compared to the Protestants who followed, with their attitude of indifferent superiority. The Catholic Empire of Europe was undermined by the Protestant rebellion. With the power of the Catholic countries eroded by this fragmentation, the Portuguese did not have sufficient military power to maintain their Empire based upon domination, not cultural prestige. And they were replaced by the Dutch.”


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