Scientific Ramblings of a Madman

Table of Contents

Book 1: Data Stream Momentum

1. Spiral Time

2. Data Stream Momentum

3. Decaying Averages

4. Boredom Principle

10. Emptiness Principle

Book 2: Directionals: Content, Context & Beauty

5. Data Stream Derivatives

6. Deviation Study

7. Seed & Root Equations

8. Time, a Fractal Response

9. Potential Impact

Book 3: The Internal Structure of Numbers & Root Beings

21. Square Root Family

22. Higher Roots

23. Root Beings

24. Fractal π

Book 4: The Creative Pulse

11. The Experiment

12. Power & Creative Heat

13. The Creative Pulse


These Scientic Ramblings are concentrated into 4 books. The first, Dynamics of Human Behavior, derives some mathematical models based upon Newtonian dynamics that shed light on abusive relations, the conversion experience, the influence of boredom on civilization, and the effective use of will to change patterns, including diet.

The second, Directionals: Content, Context & Beauty, is a mathematical exploration of the dynamic decay based central measures used to develop the mathmatical models in the first book. Some beautiful equations, which ravel and unravel, furl and unfurl, much like a seed, actually turn into a beautiful picture-equation which mimics nature.

The third book is a mathematical study of iterative equations based in infinite continued fractions. These mimic the quest for mastery or even enlightenment. In the exploration it is discovered the rationals, irrationals, and patterned transcendentals, all belong to the same family of numbers - hence the name: The Internal Structure of Numbers & Root Beings.

The fourth collection of studies, called The Creative Pulse, is an extension of the discoveries of the mathematics of behavior that were laid out in the first book. It develops a new notion - the power of sustained Attenion, which leads to the Creative Pulse. This mathematical model, based upon the inner nature of Newtonian physics – no matter, no space, no time - just data streams - makes distinct predictions about the nature of the Zone, whether athletic, intellectual, artistic, or emotional, positive or negative. Further it predicts sleep, breaks, and vacations. (Results only. Am in the process of transferring the insights of new graphs and the theoretical underpinning of the whole shebang.)