Master Ni's Principles
for Tai Chi & Life




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Master Ni's Principles for Tai Chi and Life contains direct quotations from Master Ni's 30 years of instruction. The book includes 3 parts: his 12 stages of Tai Chi, yin-yang theory, and snippets (brief quotations). While addressed to his many Tai Chi students, his sayings provide deep insights into the alchemical quest for mastery.


Gary Kukuk: "You can't imagination how much I value value this little tome. How lucky we were, you & I, to have spent so much time with this unique man, our teacher."

Fred Bruderlein: "The book is absolutely wonderful. You did a great job writing it: language, format, etc. so that it is interesting and easy to read. Also, I think you have done a great service to capture and document over time Master Ni's words. As you say, he did not talk very often and even then for not very long. So your transmitting them and commenting on them is a gift to all!"

Arthur Rosenfeld: "The book is marvelous. I’m enjoying it so much. I’m going to take it with me on Monday to the International Tai Chi Symposium in Kentucky in hopes of sharing it with some folks. Thanks again, so much, for doing it."

Theo Radic: "I am very moved by your devotion to Master Ni and the skill you put into the book."