Master Ni's Documents

Master Ni's classes were 95% practicing movements and 5% verbal instruction. Further in the 20 years we took classes with him he only passed out three written documents. Evidently his intent was to get us out of mind and into our body. The fact that there were so few papers makes them that much more special. One was on breathing, another on general instructions, and the third a famous song about Tai Chi. They can be accessed below.


Exertion injures - Softness nurtures

A Famous Song about Tai Chi

At the age of 95 Master Ni came out of retirement to teach one more meditation seminar, 3 classes, at which he passed out a fourth document. The following links take you to the direct text, and then a commentary.

Master Ni's Chinese Meditation


I've also included his Post-Meditation sequence. Many teach meditation but few prepare the practitioner for reentry into the everyday world. These exercises are designed to awaken the energy channels as well as stimulating the Bubbling Well, the Tan Tien, and the Gateway to Heaven. Pay special attention to the waist when revolving the hands. I find these simple exercises a vital part of my meditation practise.

Post-Meditation Warm-up