Master Ni Quotes

Ni Quotes: 2002>2004

April 25, 2004: Cultivating both the internal and external simultaneously
         or Merging the Lights with the Tan Tien

July 1, 2004: Re: the state of Tai Chi in China - Master Ni on his 90th birthday

June 2003: Master Ni: “Push without pushing.”

November 2002: Step Right - Look Left

Ni Quotes: 1992

February 3, 1992: Respectation

October 12, 1992: Book vs. Practice

Ni Quotes: 1993&1998

November 1993 Re: Travel

Spring 1998: Sweet dew or form?

September 26, 1998: Retirement harder

October 1998: One word - Continuous

Ni Quotes: 1999

January 2, 1999: Where is your self?

February 17, 1999: Reincarnation

February 23, 1999: Abdomen

May 23, 1999: Eyes are the Key

May 29, 1999: Body busy - Mind still

Ni Quotes: Undated

Like Tai Chi, not Love it

Tai Chi: Guided Self instruction

Re: Competition

Sit down all the way

Importance of the waist

Importance of leading with the cutting edge

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Spiral Movement

The art of martial arts

What's between Wuji and Tai Chi?

Tai Chi like Communion

Solutions in Past Movements

Answering the Question that should have been asked