Ni Quotes: Undated

Like Tai Chi, not Love it

Master Ni (via Kathy Hancock): “It’s important to like Tai Chi - not to love it.”

Tai Chi: Guided Self instruction

Master Ni (via Gary): “Tai Chi a form of guided self instruction.”

Re: Competition

Master Ni (via Gary): “We don’t compete because it produces losers as well as winners.”

Sit down all the way

Master Ni (via Peter): "When you go to a movie, you buy a ticket and you find your seat. When you get to your seat you must sit down all the way."

Importance of the waist

Master Ni (via Peter): "To practice without the waist is a waste."

Importance of leading with the cutting edge

Master Ni (via Peter): "When doing sword you must always lead with the cutting edge. If you do not do this then when people see you doing sword they will laugh. Who are they laughing at? Not you! They are laughing at me, your teacher."