October 3, 2000: Ni’s Wu Tang Teacher &
October 5, 2000: Nose tip - toes tip: Lineage a side path

October 3, 2000: Ni’s Wu Tang Teacher

Greetings Theo,

I attempted to ferret what I can about Master Ni’s background. I asked him whether any of his teachers were in the list of Wu Tang teachers that he gave us and he said something like this: “No, but my teacher took from the last name on the list. The last Wu Tang Master had many fine students, The line has been diffused in modern times.”

In terms of Master Ni’s 7 children, 5 have PhD’s and 2 have Master’s Degrees. They live all over the world - Approximately: #1 son in Taiwan, another in Minneapolis, another in Texas, Washington DC, Chicago, and Santa Barbara, and I think one in Atlanta. Most are fairly casual about Master Ni’s art. However the one who lives in Texas is the one we’re interested in. He teaches all the internal marital arts, Ba Gua, Xing Yi, and Tai Chi. He is very good according to reports from those who’ve seen him. He’s about our age.

October 5, 2000: Nose tip - toes tip: Lineage a side path

Re: Master Ni’s lineage

At Wednesday night class I approached Master Ni privately:
This is the dialogue as best as I could remember.

Me: “Theo is writing a book and would be interested in the names of your teachers.”
Ni: “They’re all gone.”
Me: “Should I tell him they’re all gone?”
Ni: “Tell him not to get off on a side track.”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Ni: “Focus on nose tip, toes tip and sword tip - not necessarily in the form.”
Me: “So I’ll tell him your teachers are gone?”
Ni: “You’ve heard of show, like carnival. I prefer not to show. It’s bad for meditation. Time for class.”
Claps hands.

I’m not sure what he meant, but that is what he said approximately.