October 8, 2000: Disobeying Master Ni on Sex

It was amazing how Master Ni warded off my questions concerning his lineage - deflecting and redirecting my questions - trying to keep them on the path.

Although I revere Master Ni to a high degree, I remember the first point of diversion for me was sex. In an early mediation class he told me that I should avoid sex 24 hours before and after doing Tai Chi. And that I should do Tai Chi everyday. A bit of quick mathematics led me to the realization that he was telling me to seriously curtail my sexual activity.

Much to my wife’s chagrin I tried to cut back on our lovemaking. Within the month it was easy to see that this was damaging my creative output, which as an artist is of foremost importance. It was also putting a strain on my relationship. While he is my number 2 blessing, like you, my wife is number 1. I returned to our passionate lovemaking - Life’s reward, as far as I’m concerned.

I have practiced sperm retention, limiting ejaculation when I can. However I have sex when the desire has built up - none of this once a week or once a month that Master Ni was suggesting. I might have been a spiritual master if I had followed his advice. Instead I have a great wife and lots of creative works to my credit. So I too take Master Ni’s suggestions with a grain of salt.