December 5, 2000: Tai Chi develops sensitivity through lightness

From nowhere in particular.

Tai Chi is the Mother of Yin and Yang - & the heart of Taoism. Thus teaching Tai Chi spreads the Taoist tenets into the bodies of the students despite what their minds think they believe - An underground flow of information that is unstoppable.

Master Ni, speaking to the entire class last Saturday: “A teacher once asked his class, ‘What is the purpose of Tai Chi?’” He then nodded to us as if expecting some answers.

“Relaxation,” said one. “Increase chi flow,” said another. “Develop vitality.”
“The merger of chi, shen, jing.” said Peter.
Me, blurting out inadvertently: “To generate heat to burn away ego.”

Master Ni: “After the students had all answered incompletely or incorrectly the master said, ‘The purpose of Tai Chi is to develop sensitivity.’ He then asked the class ‘How do you develop sensitivity?’” Again he nodded to us as if expecting an answer.

“Relaxation.” - “Increase chi flow.”
Kathy: “Increase awareness.”

Ni: “After the students had answered, the master said that ‘Sensitivity comes from lightness.’ This mean that sensitivity not from hardness.”

I thought you might appreciate the exchange.