March 5, 2001: Master Ni’s Lineage or Give them what they want

When we set the date for taking some class pictures he casually mentioned that he was bringing in a book by his teacher, Chen Shaio Peng, (Something like that anyway).

Peter said he had a book by him at Borders and that the fellow was an associate of Yang Cheng Fu, the first one who popularized Tai Chi for health. The next class Pat had looked him up on the Internet and found that he was a true heavyweight in the Tai Chi circles - direct in lineage to the Yang family. Everyone including Gary was excited because Master Ni had finally revealed his teacher after concealing him for so long.

On the photo day Master Ni brought in the book by his teacher in Chinese, Bill Powell offered to translate it.
Ni: “Already been translated. Would be useful to translate a text on Wu Tang solo though. That form is perfect.”
Bill: “Could I get it in Hong Kong perhaps?”
Ni: “It hasn’t been written yet.”

After class I asked him privately if Chen Shaio Peng had taught him Wu Tang sword.
Ni, laughingly: “Oh no. He only taught me the beginning forms when I was a child.”

He had given us what we wanted. Instead of investigating we had embraced the ‘truth’. It is funny how we humans suspend our powers of reasoning when we want something to be true.

the don who is waiting and waiting and waiting
for illusions to disappear and truths to appear
relative truths at least