April 2, 2002: White Eye Consciousness

Master Ni’s been ‘talkative’ lately.

In our Wednesday night ‘advanced’ class he said: “In the Yin Yang symbol, two fish swim around each other. The black fish represents the Forms while the white fish represents Meditation. In the beginning, and for a long time after, the student concentrates on Forms. But as the student becomes more advanced he begins to concentrate on the White Eye. Have any of you experienced the ‘White Eye’ while doing Tai Chi? Kathy (the Architect) How about you?”

Kathy: “I think so.”
Ni: “What was it like?”
Kathy: “Extremely light, still, and very peaceful.”
Ni: “Exactly.”

He then pointed to Phil and I: “He and he,” as he gestured, “I think, have experienced the White Eye - Some of the rest of you, maybe - I’m not sure - there are varying degrees.”

After class, on a drive home with Phil, he said that when you experience the White Eye it is like an earthquake, except it’s not physical. He also said that the point of Meditation is the Black Eye.
Ni: “When you can join the two, the white and black dot, you’ve got it.”

In talking later with my brother about the Creative Process and the White Eye, I came to feel that the White Eye is the Zone when past, present, and future are obliterated by the creative process. Technique, form is left behind as the gods channel through you as their vessel.

What else can be said, except hi.