May 15, 2002: Filling propensities or catching the wave

Bill introduced us to an untranslatable Chinese term, roughly pronounced ‘shrr’ - sure without the ‘u’ sound. It has the meaning of filling the propensities of the situation. Once this happens, it as if the person is surfing a wave rather than fighting an army. The individual maximizes his potentials flowing with the collective wave - Rather than fighting it or becoming a victim of it - one maximizes potentials by becoming part of it. While attempting to catch a wave the surfer doesn’t want it to crash on top of him - nor does he stay aloof as the waves past by. The fun is in the attempt to slide down the front of the wave regardless of the potential for failure or not. Those who sit on the beach and watch the surfers are out of the loop.

You (Chris) have caught an incredible wave. Hope the wipeouts aren’t too intense – Well, back into the water for another try.