August 25, 2002: Immortality or Longevity?

Master Ni asked if we were seeking Immortality or Longevity, but wouldn’t reveal which he was aiming at.

Me, I feel Longevity is an illusion. Manifestation is where it’s at. Vitality enables manifestation. Therefore Vitality is essential. Although Longevity frequently follows Vitality, Longevity is only a side dish, not the main course. The trap of Aiming at Longevity is a dangerous trap in that it is possible to forget Manifestaion. Cautiously existing, protecting our life, afraid to Live. I’d rather be a Van Gogh or Mozart who lived fully in their relatively brief existence than live partially for 100 years. Further if the Manifestation is pure enough then it will achieve Immortality, because the truth nourishes. Because the Manifestation carries the Flavor of the Person, the Person attains Immortality, but only in this limited sense. This is what my Soul craves to achieve, to the depths of my Marrow.

Anyway - such is Being - passionate about Living, not preparing to Die.

Slowly breaking apart and dissolving into the Ether