March 16, 2003: Step Right, Look Left – a Basic Principle

Recently in don-land, which is more akin to geologic than it is to popular time, my Person, called I, was noticing the fundamental of step-right, look-left. Applying my attention to this interesting feature - noticed that the consciousness connected the energy between the feet-hand (always opposite) and eye. Because Consciousness is interested it looks at the hand movements - not because it is supposed to.

Anyway my Person began confirming these esoteric ideas with Master Ni.
Me: “Is step-right look-left a principle?”
Ni: “Yes, important.”
Me: “Almost always the energy connects the right hand and the left foot and vice versa?”
Ni: “Right.”
Me: “The switch of the energy from right to left hand is triggered by the foot movement?”
Ni: “Depends on weight shift.”
Me: “If energy in both hands - then double weighted?”
Ni: “Out of balance.”
Me: “The main question is when the eyes follow the energy in the hands …"
Ni: “Fingertips.”
Me: “When the eyes …”
Ni: “The eyes reflect the Mind. Mind commander.”
Me: “When the Mind’s eyes follows the Energy in the Fingertips, do they shift instantly or gradually with Brush Knee Twist Step.”
He demonstrates the movements.
Ni: “Instantly.”
Me: “Eyes follow instantly?”
Ni: “Not follow. Mind leads the energy.”
Blown away but undaunted I practiced these ‘fundamentals’ the best I could.

A week later, Me: “How about single whip?”
Ni: “Energy comes from back heel - which is opposite.”
Me: “But you’re shifted on right leg with right hand forward.”
Ni: “Right leg for balance, only. No energy.”
Mind twisted asunder from my shaky moorings.

A week later Me: “How about the kicks?”
Ni: “The energy in right toe and left hand. Left leg just for support only.”
Mind whirling and a little dizzy. The energy seems to be focused by consciousness, which balances the body by connecting opposite sides.

Another week later Me: “How about in Wu Tang Sword, when you lift your knee high. Where does the opposite energy come from.”
Ni addresses class: “Where you think?”
Rosy: “Waist.”
Ni: “Anyone else?”
Barbara: “From Mind.”
Ni: “For me it comes from opposite elbow. But if it comes from waist that OK too.”

Mind is doing backflips now. The energy can be balanced by elbow as well as hand or fingertips.
The subtleties of Tai Chi are dazzling and endless.