May 25, 2003: Master Ni's Response and then some

Before class a week ago, I relayed messages from Theo, Chris, Bill, and Gary to Master Ni concerning his retirement. He listened respectfully, repeating the name of each person after their response.

Then he said clearly, “Tell them that I am healthy and happy. I could easily teach another year but I've chosen to retire. Healthy and happy,” he repeated. “I don't have to retire. I choose to.”

He's choosing to go out on top rather than in decline.

During class today, we stopped after doing the Breathing exercise. He said, “We are going to do it again. I will say 'up', when you are supposed to breath in. On the highest level, there is no breathing. Breath and Mind combine. Wu ji. Empty.” He laughed.

While he is Emptying his Self of Us,
We are still Full of Him.
It is painful -
When bonds are broken -
And we must face the Void -
Without the Wisdom
Which has been beside us
These many decades.
It hurts to be alive.
Forming these attachments

don, whose Person hurts