June 1, 2003: The Yin and Yang of Immortality and Life

Master Ni has retired - His Last day was Saturday - Age 88.

Before he retired he relayed some very interesting information which I will relay as best as I can.

He said that the highest non weapons activity was free form sparring - quite a surprise - seeing as how he's never taught it.

He also said that 'free flower stepping' was a major key to this. As far as we could figure, he seemed to be saying that the insubstantial foot was the key to the energy - so light that you could walk on lotus flowers on a pond without crushing them - or sinking in the water.

Next he said that immortality will never be reached as long as any yin remains, and that one will never die as long as any yang remains.

While there are many opinions about this comment, I will relay my take, since my Person appears to be the Writer.

In this context, the yin is the false, while the yang is true. The yin is the accretion of cultural conditioning which has been building since we were infants. All the misconceptions which are built into culture and parenting cloud up the Mirror of the Mind - layer upon layer.

All of these must be cleaned off, before one manifests as an Immortal. Before this idealized point any manifestation is polluted by the yin of the red dust of cultural conditioning which falls daily. It must be cleaned off daily if to prevent the build up which distorts the Direct Perception of Reality.

Of course the yang is the direct manifestation of the truth, purified of the false. According to I Ching philosophy the yang must be continually purified because it is constantly being corrupted by the yin. Indeed one must continually self reflect - turning the light around to clean off the yin, which rises so rapidly - leading one on false paths, i.e. Side Paths, which had just been true the moment before.

Of course many related Master Ni’s comments to the achievement of physical immortality. But I consider this a Side Path based in the illusion of the Future and the Person, with his petty ambitions to live a long time. Exuberant Vitality to fulfill our Life's Destiny  is the Path - not external ambitions for fame and fortune. Anyway this has been my life experience.

He also pointed out that the yin hand is always moving and leads, while the yang hand holds steady and follows. Brush knee twist step is a good example. The left hand brushes the knee, then the right hand strikes. Then as the right hand holds relatively steady, the left hand circles up for the sneak attack - stealing a march on heaven. Repulse Monkey is another good example of the attacking hand staying relatively still, while the other hand circles to the top of the head, next to the ear.

On the last day of class the melting glacier continued to drop his morraine. Master Ni also mentioned that there were two types of relaxation. One was dissipated and too loose, while the other was called Sung. Sung energy meant that everything but the spine was relaxed. He said that we should practice this type of relaxation at all times.

Ni: “If there is any tension, anywhere in the body, then the energy from Heaven and Earth will be blocked at that point.”

Flexibility and relaxation are here related. Any stiffness and we are doomed to the ordinary life - unable to participate in the multiplicity of energies, which exist in our environment.

Of course the stiffness has both physical and mental components. which interact with each other. Therefore one must cultivate the physical and mental flexibility to reach the One. Stiffness would be the yin in the above context, which must be rooted out. Flexibility would be the Yang - the source of Life - Spontaneity - Art.

Hope this exposition hasn’t been too tedious. Wanted to get it down before I forgot. Plus getting it down reinforces.

Thanks for your attentions.

the babbling idiot, sometimes known as don