Master Ni's Forms on YouTube

Tai Chi Sword (Peter)

     Tai Chi Sword

Wutang Sword (Peter)

     Wutang Sword

Double Sword (don)

     Double Sword: Part 1

     Double Sword: Part 2

     Double Sword: Part 3

88 Posture Hand Sparring Form (Peter's YouTube Collection)

     Hand Sparring #1

     Hand Sparring #2

     Hand Sparring #3

     Hand Sparring #4

     Hand Sparring #5


Probably the best resource from our perspective:


     Michael Gilman's instructional series: Part 1


On the Plum Publishing website, Peter found this description of an instructional dvd "Yang Style Taiji Paired Boxing" that attributes the form to Y. K. Chen (Chen Yan Lin):

"The Yang two person set, or Dui Lian, is well known. It was created, according to Luo Jin Hua, by Chen Yan Lin and encompasses two person fighting actions derived from the thirteen energies of Taijiquan. This is Sha Guo Zheng’s interpretation of that oft reinterpreted set. This long form is retained in all its essentials and is completely recognizable as the standard form with some additions; each of them germane. The strongest recommendation for this version is the high degree of stickiness and adherence maintained by Guo and his assistant (Mrs. Luo?). All 108 movements are here with a soft applications that still retain fidelity to martial principles. Warning: This version does have the complete salutations, beginning and end which seem to make up for about fifteen per cent of the form. Some discussion at the end of the basic principles of Taiji’s soft approach."

This dvd is available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video.