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10-24-07: A Visit from Master Ni

We had just started doing our warm-ups in our Saturday class when out of the corner of my eye I noticed two people entering the room. Not wearing my glasses I couldn't immediately recognize who it was. After looking more closely I realized that it was Master Ni and his son. Being the leader of the class I wasn't sure what to do - Interrupt the class to acknowledge his presence or continue on. While my Brain said continue my Heart was bursting with joy. As soon as we finished the warm-ups:

"Let me introduce you to Master Ni, the one who made this all possible."

Claire, one of the advanced students, immediately ran over and hugged him. This opened the floodgate as each of us who had studied with him did the same. Then one of the beginning students introduced himself. Master Ni waited expectantly until everyone in the room had introduced themselves to him.

Ni: "When you do Wu Tang?"

Me: "Normally at the end of class because we're reviewing Double Sword right now. But we'll do it sooner."

After finishing Wu Tang:

Bill, another advance student: "Any suggestions?"

Ni: "More continuous - no breaks."

Bill: "But some of the movements in Tai Chi Sword are stronger and more abrupt.

Ni: "Use waist more. No interrupt in Tai Chi Sword. Sometimes in Wu Tang. Wu Tang different from Tai Chi Sword - faster and slower - sometimes show martial."

Bill: "Anything else?"

Ni: "Raise knee higher, not low."

He raised his knee until it was parallel with the ground.

Again we thanked him profusely for teaching us.

He nodded and left with his son.

His incredible presence brought tears to my eyes and gratitude to my heart. My brain was just awed.