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11-7-07: Group Synchronization to Attain the Vortex

There are many advantages of doing Tai Chi with a group, one of which is maximizing the possibility of attaining the Vortex. (See Tai Chi & The Vortex.)

When individuals get together to practice Tai Chi in a group, each brings in their own magnetic or psychic field – sometimes referred to as an aura. Some have weak fields as they lead sedentary lives dominated by the Tube and Paper. Others bring in stronger fields as they lead active lives dominated by Exercise and Meditation. When aligning bodies in Tai Chi practice these fields join together in a type of resonant frequency.

There are multiple advantages to this. First those with weak fields are able to align with those with stronger fields, thereby strengthening their personal field. Second joining fields of whatever magnitude creates a stronger general field with a greater potential for tapping into the Vortex. This is especially useful when an individual’s field is not strong enough to reach the Vortex by themselves. Resonating with a stronger field through synchronized movement enables the individual with a weak field to access the higher states via those with stronger fields. Plus the group field can enable everyone to go deeper into the Vortex.

Because synchronization is an essential element of this group potential for attaining a higher psychic state it is essential that everyone move in unison. The implications of this intention are many. First everyone must attempt to move at the group pace, not their own individual pace. This has the additional advantage of polishing one’s Luminous Egg by weakening the personal ego’s desire to do it his way. Second technique becomes subservient to sequence. (This is not to say that technique is unimportant. The individual can work on technique alone or during a specified time with a qualified teacher.) This means that anyone regardless of talent, from the raw beginner to the advanced master, can benefit from the group experience.

Third this focus on increasing the Group Field through synchronicity to better attain the Vortex means that doing it is far more important than talking about it. This is not to minimize the importance of instruction, for the teacher puts the practitioner in a position where s(he) can take advantage of the group synergy. However to experience the group energy it is important to practice the forms together rather than getting lost in the verbal world - talking about technique and applications. This is totally counterproductive to attaining the nonverbal Vortex.

So if you want to beat someone up or have the best techniques find a good teacher who specializes in that. However if you want to attain the Vortex, practice Tai Chi as a group. Our class specializes in that.