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11-8-07 The Advantages of a Strong Magnetic Field

An individualÕs personal field, whether it is magnetic or psychic, can be weak or strong. However a personÕs field is not genetic like hair color, but can be magnified or diminished through practices, specifically movement exercises like Tai Chi. How does this occur?

One of the essential components of our blood is iron. When the bodyÕs channels are open the blood flows freely Š generating a stronger magnetic field. Conversely when the bodyÕs channels are clogged the blood flow is blocked which weakens the field. Although the bodyÕs channels are open at birth, life experiences conspire to block them. Extended sedentary activities such as sitting in chairs, watching TV, working at a computer, driving a car, all act to clog the channels, mainly through inactivity and the subsequent lack of use. Tai Chi movements act to reverse this process and so act as a type of rejuvenation process.

It behooves one to put energy into reversing the degeneration process because there are many disadvantages to a weak magnetic field? First a weak field indicates a lack of body integration. On the primary level this could easily lead to health problems, as the overall system doesnÕt not operate efficiently. On the muscular level this could mean that back muscles are overworked because the abdominal muscles arenÕt engaged, leading to muscle strain and painful back spasms. In terms of circulation a weak field indicates that the blood is not flowing efficiently. This could lead to heart problems and strokes on a major level. But even on a day-to-day level the Brain wonÕt operate as efficiently if deprived of enough oxygen to trigger the synapses. These are just some of the physical symptoms of a weak field.

On the behavioral level a weak field leads to poor decisions that can be detrimental to the organismÕs survival. On the physical level the Brain makes poor decisions because of poor circulation. On the politico-cultural level if an individualÕs field is weak any field that is stronger can easily sway the person Š like a leaf in the wind. This could be an individual or group field, such as a nation, sex, age group or even the Media. When swayed by others one can easily be led to do or feel things, which are detrimental to the Self. For instance in the most obvious case a young man can be easily persuaded to sacrifice his life for the causes of the wealthy in the name of patriotism and glory. On more subtle levels an individual might become panicked over a mass hysteria propagated by the Media and initiated by the Establishment to gain control over a public in order to push forward their distorted agendas. On the other hand if an individualÕs field is strong he is rooted like a tree in the EarthÕs magnetic field and is not so easily swayed by the winds of public opinion or is at least able to differentiate Self from Other.

So opening our channels through Tai Chi practice increases our magnetic field because of increased blood flow. Both our physical and mental health are improved, as Mind and Body are integrated. This is where technique comes in. The better the technique the more channels are unclogged, the better the blood and oxygen flow, the more complete the integration. But remember, talking about Tai Chi or studying it extensively achieves none of these goals. Practice is the Key to the Door.

 PS: Note that blood, oxygen and chi flow are heavily connected. I use the Western terms because chi has been mystified beyond its concrete reality.