Tai Chi Journal

9-16-08 The Therapeutic Nature of Chinese Sword

12-30-07 Anger, an Obstacle to Liberation
12-19-07 The Target or Push Hands with Master Ni
12-18-07 Escaping from Oblivion & Distraction
12-15-07 Nurturing Energy through Circular Motion

11-8-07 The Advantages of a Strong Magnetic Field
11-7-07 Group Synchronization to Attain the Vortex

10-24-07 A Visit from Master Ni
10-10-07 Tai Chi & the Vortex

9-22-07 Ni's Love Story
9-18-07 Ni takes the Hard way
9-11-07 Master Ni's Passport

7-21&23-07 Sum Qua & More than Chi Gung vs Nei Gung

8-04-97 Tai Chi as Initiation